Add an Annual Hearing Test To Your New Year’s Resolutions!

How important is an annual hearing test? It’s hugely important. Let us help you see why.

A recent article looked at the most common new year’s resolutions, based on a survey of 2000 people. The results were not surprising. 71% wanted to diet or eat healthier, and 65% wanted to exercise more. It’s easy to make resolutions like these, but not always the easiest to keep them. But what if your likelihood of success could be improved by using hearing aids? If you have untreated hearing loss, this might not be such an outlandish assumption. Taking the simple step of addressing your hearing loss can have multiple health benefits, including making it easier to get out of the house and stay active.

How common is a hearing loss?

Hearing loss is startlingly common. 14% of all Americans suffer from hearing loss. The number jumps to 1 in 3 of those over 60 and 2 in 3 of those over 75. Although these figures are high, it doesn’t mean that everyone is getting help. In fact, 15 million Americans are avoiding hearing loss treatment! These are the people who would benefit the most from an annual hearing test.

But what are the ways in which addressing hearing loss could ensure you meet your new year’s goals? Here is a few common new year’s resolutions, and the ways in which hearing aids can help.

They enable you to exercise more

There is a special class of hearing aids that help you lead a more active lifestyle. Most of them come with an IP68 rating of water resistance which means you can use them for 30 mins under three feet of water (please check carefully with the manufacturer before trying this with any hearing aid). Whether you’re planning to work up a sweat at the gym or implementing a jogging routine come rain or shine, your hearing aids will not slow you down.

Similarly, many hearing aids today come with a special coating that can protect the hearing aid from outside elements like earwax, salt, and skin oils. This thin film is 1/1000 the thickness of a human hair and is present on the surface of the whole device, providing protection no matter how active your lifestyle is.

Many devices also come with Bluetooth features, so you can listen to music on the go. Never again will you have to switch to headphones before preparing to enter beast mode. With many hearing aids, the transition from hearing the sounds around you to listening to your favorite playlist is quick and easy.

In multiple studies, the use of hearing aids has also been proven to increase mobility and time spent out of the house. This is especially noted among senior citizens. The feelings of increased safety and independence that come with being able to truly hear your surroundings will have you itching to explore your city.

They might help you find another job

16% of those polled in the article were looking for a new job. How can hearing aids help you in that instance? A study by the Better Hearing Institute found that hearing aids reduced the likelihood that you would lose income as a result of your hearing loss. You are also more likely to be employed than if you had untreated hearing loss.

If 2019 is your year of working towards a promotion, hearing aids can also help. They can improve your communication with your co-workers, whether on the phone, in person, one-on-one, or in team meetings. You will be able to hear and respond to important information during meetings and conference calls. That means no more missing out on any opportunities that arise. During the study, 70% of people who used hearing aids noticed an improvement in their communication skills at work. And good communication is the key to healthy working teams.

Improving your hearing can also have a positive effect on your confidence. You might be more inclined to take on work challenges when you know you can handle uncertain events that come your way, which can help you stand out in the boss’s eyes. Studies have also shown that hearing aids improve cognitive performance, which is a bonus in any workplace.

They can help you spend more time with family and friends

13% of those polled in the article wanted to spend more time with family and friends.

Those who have hearing loss are more likely to shy away from social events, even those involving close friends and family. This is because noisy restaurants, cafes, and living rooms are very overwhelming for someone with untreated hearing loss, which makes them less willing to make the effort.

This can take people down the path of social isolation, which can lead to diminished cognitive ability. In the long term, some studies have pointed to a link between dementia and hearing loss precisely as a result of this vicious cycle which causes a lack of social contact.

Hearing aids come with speech recognition features that make sure conversations in loud environments are easier to understand. Being able to hear in these environments makes people more naturally social, which helps them spend more time with their family and friends. Never miss out on those precious moments because you aren’t willing to take control of your hearing.

The first step is scheduling an annual hearing test, so don’t delay. Contact us at Hearing Group for a consultation!

Jesse Hidalgo, BC-HIS

Jesse is Board Certified in Hearing Instruments and has built over 25 practices during his business career starting in 1998. Using his training in Hearing Instrument Sciences he has helped thousands of patients across those practices hear better.
Published: January 13, 2019

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