Affordable Hearing Aids with Sonic Cheer

So you have hearing loss and need something to help you hear better. You want affordable hearing aids that won’t break the bank but packed with as much technology as possible. You would like it to be small and discreet. Lastly, you would like to be fit by a hearing professional. The Sonic Cheer line of hearing aids may be the perfect solution. Get more information from Hearing Group about Sonic Cheer.

In this article, we will tell you all about the Sonic Cheer receiver in canal hearing aids. 

Receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids can offer some advantages over behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear (ITE) hearing aids. RIC hearing aids consist of two sections: a small case that rests behind the ear and holds the microphone and amplifier, and the receiver that rests comfortably in your ear canal and carries the sound to your eardrum. Feedback and wax occlusion tend to be less of a problem with RIC devices. RIC devices also provide a more natural sound, and the small size allows them to fit comfortably in and on the ear.

Cheer Hearing Aid Technology Levels

The Cheer hearing aids are RIC devices. They come in three technology levels: the Cheer 20, 40, and 60. The Cheer 20s are great for entry-level hearing aid users and people who live a Quiet Lifestyle. They’re perfect for people whose listening environments include limited background noise, who spend the most time at home, and whose interactions are mostly one on one. The Cheer 20 devices offer good sound performance with speech variable processing. They help make everyday sounds better and keep the speech clear. 

The best part about the Cheer 20 hearing aids is the incredible affordability. These are our most affordable hearing aids and can really offer you great sound and better hearing at a fantastic price. These hearing aids are an amazing value and can fit almost any budget.

The Cheer 40 and 60 levels are great for people who live a more casual lifestyle and are going to need more help with background noise. These higher levels offer more automatic listening environments, better speech understanding in noise, and are able to filter out more background noise than the Cheer 20 hearing aids. The Cheer 60 is the top of the line of the Cheer products so it has the most environments available and will do the very best job of getting rid of background noise.

All of the Cheer products have wireless capabilities via a Soundgate 3 streamer. There is a full spectrum of products available to make your listening experience better in everything you do, including hands-free mobile phone use, binaural audio streaming, and basic control options. You can learn more about these products at the links below.

Cheer Accessory Options

TV Adaptor:

Soundgate 3:…

The Sonic Cheer products are great options for clear, natural sound. They come in three different technology levels and six colors so they can fit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. The Cheer 20 is an especially great option for entry-level users and is SO affordable.

Ask your hearing specialist about Sonic Cheer hearing aids. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section.

Jesse Hidalgo, BC-HIS

Jesse is Board Certified in Hearing Instruments and has built over 25 practices during his business career starting in 1998. Using his training in Hearing Instrument Sciences he has helped thousands of patients across those practices hear better.
Published: December 18, 2020

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Affordable Hearing Aids with Sonic Cheer
So you have hearing loss and need something to help you hear better. You want affordable hearing aids that won’t break the bank but packed with as much technology as possible. You would like it to be small and discreet. Lastly, you would like to be fit by a hearing...
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