Hearing Group Named Wichita’s Best Hearing Aid Clinic

Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice Award

Winning a prestigious award like the Wichita Eagle Readers Choice Award is quite the accomplishment. But to do it in less than 3 years is exceptional. After talking with the founders of Hearing Group, Jesse, and Amy Hidalgo, it came became clear to me why Wichita voted Hearing Group the Winner of the 2017 Wichita Eagle Readers Choice Award for Best Hearing Aid Clinic. Furthermore, with their strongly followed motto, Patients come first. No matter what they ALWAYS come first, there is no doubt the Hidalgos have a level of dedication to helping their customers. This is not often seen in the hearing aid business.

This commitment to their customers, along with staying on top of the newest technology, is what truly sets Hearing Group apart from their competition. Modern and streamlined, yet personalized and friendly is a balance that they have mastered in all their Hearing Group locations. With more changes and upgrades on the horizon, it is apparent that Hearing Group’s plan to keep its title as Wichita’s Best Hearing Aid Clinic is already in motion.

Hearing Group History

Prior to opening their first store less than 3 years ago, Jesse and Amy spent over 15 years gaining experience and knowledge in the hearing aid business with another group. In 2013, Jesse and I left that organization with the idea that we wanted to open our own offices. We wanted the opportunity to develop our own patient experience and see our visions come to life, explains Amy. The competition for hearing aid stores in Wichita is fierce. Jesse and Amy credit their own experiences for their success. I think what makes us good at what we do is because this business is personal to us, not just because we own HG, but because hearing loss affects our own family. I have hearing loss and, as such, I only bring to the patients something I would wear or believe in.

Believing in their product is not only what got them where they are today. But, it is part of what drives them to continuously stay on top of the rapidly changing technology in the hearing industry. Jesse and Amy strive to evolve with the changing times rather than continue with the same old Mom and Pop shops of the past. Customers will soon feel more comfortable shopping for a hearing aid by being able to compare the products themselves.

The Hidalgo’s are in the process of converting their stores to a model like an Apple store concept. Jesse Hidalgo said this concept will allow people to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about the different hearing aids available. You can come in and touch, feel, listen, and even see the prices upfront before you even get tested. When we finalize it, we believe it will be something that the hearing aid market has not seen says, Mr. Hidalgo.

Let HG Help You

For those customers who are still hesitant to receive help for their hearing, Jesse and Amy encourage them to make that first call and reach out. We are here to help answer those big questions, says Amy. How much is it going to cost? Can hearing aids even help me? What is the right hearing aid for me? Will you be there to support me? We believe our job is to help steer those in the right direction and give them the guidance they need to fit their budget and lifestyle. Customers who come into Hearing Group can book a free hearing test and walk out hearing the same day with their HG Test Drive. So, this allows the customers to go home and try hearing aids in their own environment. Not only that, but also with no obligation, cost, or money down.

It truly is that simple, the couple adds. At HG it is all about the patient. No gimmicks, no games. Just better hearing at the best possible prices. Stop by either the east or west Wichita Hearing Group locations. Let them show you why they were voted the Winner of Wichita’s Best Hearing Aid Clinic.

Jesse Hidalgo, BC-HIS

Jesse is Board Certified in Hearing Instruments and has built over 25 practices during his business career starting in 1998. Using his training in Hearing Instrument Sciences he has helped thousands of patients across those practices hear better.
Published: October 18, 2017

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