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Free Hearing Test

A Hearing Test Is Easy

Have you ever wondered how a hearing test works? It’s simple and easy, and we want to show you exactly what it looks like!

Your hearing professional will place you in a testing booth for the hearing evaluation. The hearing professional will use either an insert that goes inside your ears or a headset will be placed on you. They then will conduct a series of tests that include pure-tone air and bone conduction, speech test, and maximum thresholds. A complete test is invaluable to properly helping you understand your hearing loss and discover a solution.

Check Your Hearing with Our Free Online Screener

This simple screener allows you to get a basic idea if you have hearing loss. The test takes about 10 minutes and the results can be emailed to you.

Hearing Test Appointment

Taking the first step to addressing your hearing loss is a great first step. What can you expect next?

In this video, you will learn the value of bringing someone that you trust will help you make an informed decision. There is a lot of information you will learn about your hearing, the results of your hearing, and a solution to help you get on the road to better hearing.

Write down any questions you might have and we look forward to seeing you!

Understanding Your Audiogram

An audiogram has five levels that represent normal hearing, along with mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss. When you come in for an audiogram, your hearing professional will also test your most comfortable listening level and word recognition. 

It’s extremely important to get a hearing test, even if you don’t have hearing loss (or don’t think you do), to get a baseline audiogram. From there, you can stay on top of it, just like going to the doctor for a wellness check every year.

Brain Cognition-What You Need To Know

A lot of people with hearing loss say, “It sounds like people are mumbling.” If you’re able to hear people but not understand the words they’re saying, or if you have to turn the TV louder and louder to understand the words, that could be a word recognition problem.

The longer someone goes without hearing, their ability to understand diminishes. It probably can’t be brought up from where it is, but it is possible to keep it there and prevent it from getting worse.

Annual Hearing Exam

Have you ever asked, “how often should I get my hearing checked?” We have answers from experts on that question in this video! Two of our hearing professionals will explain the importance of an annual hearing test.

Just like you would get a new prescription for your glasses every year, we need to program any new hearing loss into your hearing aids every year. Unfortunately, hearing loss does worsen over time, so it can change from year to year. A few other factors that can worsen your hearing loss are frequent exposure to loud noises, illness, injury, or even medications, so it’s important to test it annually.

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