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At Hearing Group, our motto is “Patients first, no matter what, they always come first,” and we live by that every day in all of our clinics. We have hearing aid centers across Oklahoma and Kansas, and we’re excited to help you hear better.

We care about you, your hearing, and helping you live a better quality of life. Besides that, we love what we do. Our patients say it best with our 700+ real patient reviews. Take a look around our hearing aid stores and let’s get you on the road to better hearing!

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Hearing Help from People Who Care

Hearing is an important sensory experience that fully utilizes the ears and the brain. A life full of sound is a real privilege, so make sure you find the right hearing aid professional. Our hearing aid specialists will take the time to work with you and ensure that you have the best hearing experience possible.

Find out more about hearing aids from our hearing aid specialists. Check out our hearing aid advice and discover how to manage your hearing aids.

Watch our video below to find out more about Hearing Group and why you, as patients, are so important to us. Learn more about our vision and how we intend to help you to experience the joys of hearing.


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The Best Hearing Aids for the Best Prices at Our Hearing Aid Centers

Hearing loss is with you for the rest of your life. So, rest assured, our hearing aid specialists will be there every step of the way to help you enjoy every moment you can. Looking for the best prices? At Hearing Group, we will help you find the best hearing aids that fit your hearing loss and budget.

Our hearing aid centers offer patients a large selection of products when it comes to hearing aids. Choose from a range of hearing aids styles and features to find what is best for you.

Here at Hearing Group, we put our patients first. Contact our hearing test centers to find out how we can help you live a life full of the sounds you love.

Why Choose Hearing Group

Compassionate Experts

Our hearing experts are friendly and passionate about your hearing health. We understand that hearing loss can be a difficult subject, but our compassionate experts are here to help.

Great Prices

As well as unrivaled customer service, Hearing Group offers unbeatable prices on all the latest hearing aids and hearing solutions. We have free shipping on everything as well.

Expert Hearing Aid Advice

Find out everything you need to know about hearing aids and how to care for them from our experts. Our team offer years of expert hearing health advice in-store and online.

Try Our Online Hearing Test

Think you might have hearing loss?

Try our free online hearing test from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or other media device, headphones, and 10 free minutes to find out how well you’re really hearing.


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Our Top Selling Hearing Aids

Moxi Move R Hearing Aid

Moxi Move R

Moxi Blu Hearing Aid

Moxi Blu

Unitron Discover Jump Hearing Aid

Discover Jump RT

Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Group, we offer more than just hearing aids. Our hearing aid specialists also provide a range of services and products relating to hearing loss that will help make your life easier.

Hearing Aid Financing

If you need help with hearing loss but are worried about the financial cost, check out our hearing aid financing here at Hearing Group. We provide several options to help you get the hearing help you need with a financial plan you feel comfortable about.


Hearing Aid Insurance

Find out more about hearing aid insurance coverage and the insurance plans we accept here at Hearing Group. Our hearing aid experts will help you find out how much financial assistance you will receive and the right hearing solution for you.

Hearing Aid Repair Service

When your hearing aid stops working, it needs to be fixed quickly so that you can get on with your life. Here at Hearing Group, we offer a rapid hearing aid repair service for almost all hearing aid brands. Get the best performance from your hearing aids with our professional repair service.

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Find out the latest news from our hearing aid specialists and learn all about hearing health and more.


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