Making the Most of Your Appointments

Just like your car, your hearing aids and hearing health can benefit from routine care and maintenance. After a hearing aid fitting, you are likely to be asked to come back for follow-up appointments. These routine visits offer great opportunities for you to ask your hearing professional questions, have maintenance performed on your hearing aids and keep your hearing top notch. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of your appointments.


Keep a Journal

Adjusting to hearing aids can be challenging. It is likely for you to experience sounds that you have not heard in a long time. You may find that you’re paying closer attention to your surroundings as well. Before each follow-up appointment, set aside some time to reflect upon your experiences. Ask yourself if you’ve heard any new sounds since you began wearing your hearing aid devices. Ask friends and family how the hearing aids have affected their communication with you. Have there been any environments or situations where you wish your hearing aids would have worked better? Finally, write down any questions or concerns you may have. The more details you can provide, the better your hearing aid specialist will be able to help.


Bring a Friend or Family Member

It can be very beneficial to have a friend or family member with you at your appointments. Your loved ones likely have additional insight and may be able to provide other perspectives to your hearing aid specialist. They may also be able to help you remember anything important from your appointment. Research shows that we immediately forget about half of what we hear at our healthcare appointments.


Build a Relationship

Your hearing aid specialist can be one of your biggest advocates for better hearing. You will continue to have a relationship with your provider long after your hearing aids are purchased. They will help you clean and maintain your hearing aids. They will be there to answer any questions you have and provide counseling during your adjustment period. Your hearing aid specialist will also be able to give you suggestions on what hearing aids you will need and keep you updated on changing technology. So, it is important to build a relationship and work with someone you trust.


Published: September 16, 2020
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