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MiniFit Speaker Domes


Explore the variety of miniFit speaker domes for Sonic and Oticon hearing aids. Choose your Type and Size. Each pack comes with ten domes. Please note: 5mm domes only come in the Open type.


Get your miniFit speaker domes at Hearing Group and enhance your hearing aid experience. MiniFit speaker domes are bell or mushroom-shaped hearing aid attachments that come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit the user’s ear canal.

These miniFit speaker domes come in the following shapes:

  • MiniFit open domes — Intended for people with high-frequency hearing loss
  • MiniFit power domes — The most occlusive option for people with more hearing loss
  • MinifFit bass domes — Fall between the open and Power domes

MiniFit Speaker Domes Features and Highlights

  • Compatible with Oticon receiver in the ear hearing aids (RITE)
  • Compatible with the mini receiver in the ear hearing aids (mini RITE)
  • Work with the Alta, Nera, Ria, and OPN models as well as the Oticon Corda miniFIT slim tubes
  • Easy dome replacement
  • Comes in a range of sizes and types

Get the best possible hearing aid experience with the miniFit speaker domes at Hearing Group! Find all the best hearing solutions at our online shop or at one of our local hearing aid centers.

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MiniFit Speaker Domes — Essential For Any Hearing Aid User

The miniFit speaker domes are an essential product for any hearing aid user. By ordering your miniFit speaker domes at Hearing Group, you can improve the sound quality of your hearing aids. Replacing your domes regularly and keeping them debris free will enhance your overall hearing aid experience.

Sonic and Oticon Compatible

Don’t forget that the miniFit speaker domes are compatible with several Sonic and Oticon receiver in the ear hearing aids (RITE) and mini receiver in the ear hearing aids (mini RITE) hearing aids. These include some of the following models:

  • Radiant
  • Captivate
  • Enchant
  • Cheer
  • Oticon Opn S

If you need help identifying which hearing aids are compatible with the miniFit speaker dome, we are happy to help. If you have any questions, just give us a call at (866) 542-5614.


Additional information

  • miniFit Dome Size: 5mm ONLY for Open Dome, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • miniFit Dome Type: Bass, Open, Power

Additional information

miniFit Dome Size

5mm ONLY for Open Dome, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

miniFit Dome Type

Bass, Open, Power

MiniFit Speaker Domes FAQs

What Is a Hearing Aid Dome?

Hearing aid domes like the minFit speaker dome are small hearing aid attachments that fit deep in the ear canal and provide better sound quality. These mushroom-shaped attachments come in a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate the unique shape of each individual’s ear canal.

Your hearing specialist will be able to help you choose the right size and shape to suit your ear canal.

How Should Hearing Aid Domes Fit?

The fit of your hearing aid dome should vary depending on the type. The dome itself should be a little larger than your ear canal so that it forms a secure seal without exerting additional pressure on the ear canal.

When it comes to power or closed domes, you may experience some additional light pressure. However, with open domes, there should be no extra pressure inside the ear.

Are Hearing Aid Domes Interchangeable?

Having the wrong dome can cause a range of different sound problems. This is because each hearing aid is programmed for each dome type. Therefore switching from an open to a closed dome without making adjustments can negatively affect the sound quality.

How Do You Clean Hearing Aid Domes?

Hearing aid domes like the miniFit speaker domes can be cleaned by simply wiping them each night after use with a soft cloth. It is important to replace your hearing aid domes once every two to three months to avoid a build-up of debris.

Find more tips on cleaning your hearing aid on our website.