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Miracell Oil 2 ounce Large Bottle


Miracell Oil is great for those Itchy or sore ears. It is also great to soften the wax in the ear canal.

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Just a few drops, enough to get to the eardrum, is enough. The best time is right before bed. You’ll know when it reaches the eardrum, as most people ‘shiver’ when Calm Ear makes contact.

As your skin repairs itself while you sleep, the best time to use Calm Ear is in the evening. This allows the plant extracts to deliver the full benefit of the natural moisturizers.

For hearing aid users: Use at bedtime, after you remove your hearing aids. If you use your hearing aids at night, remove your hearing aids, put a few drops in each ear and massage around your ear to help it coat the ear canal internally. Wait about 30 minutes and put your hearing aids back in.

If irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult your physician. For ear pain, consult your physician.


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