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Moisture Guard Hearing Aid Dryer


This Hearing Aid Dryer Keeps Your Hearing Aids Working Like New!

  • Keep your hearing aids working like new
  • Dehumidifier
  • Removes moisture and dries oils and earwax overnight
  • Solid wood construction with a beautiful finish
  • Push-button on/off and indicator light which illuminates when in use
  • All items are Brand New

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Don't let moisture, oils, and wax get the better of your hearing aids. The Hearing Aid Dryer Moisture Guard Wooden Dehumidifier Box will help extend the life of your hearing aids by pulling moisture out of your hearing aids and help dry oil and earwax that can build up on or in your hearing aids. It uses dry heat to help evaporate moisture. Easy to use with a push-button. Uses 12v, plugin included. The dimensions are on the inside 4⅞ x 2⅝ x ½. The outside of the box is 5½ x 2⅝ x ½.


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