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Silver Repair Plan


Is your hearing instrument in need of repair? We have a solution for you. The Silver Repair Service Plan is for hearing aids that need to be sent in for repair and that are not under an existing Service Plan from Hearing Group. We will get it working in tip-top condition again. We service almost any make and model.

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The Silver Repair Service Plan is ONLY for hearing aids that are sent in for repair that are not under an existing Service Plan.  Repairs are $299 per aid for electronic repair and $399 per aid for electronic/ shell repair on custom instruments only.  The coverage will come with a 1-year repair coverage and includes in-office services:

  • Electronic Repair Coverage
  • Unlimited Programming
  • Clean and Checks
  • Video Otoscopy
  • Hearing Retest
  • On-site Lab Repairs
  • Wax management
  • Battery Program

Brand:  Hearing Group

MPN: hgsilverplan


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