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How To Watch TV With Hearing Loss

Wondering how to watch TV with hearing loss? You’re not alone. If you wear Sonic hearing aids, the Sonic TV Adaptor can completely change your TV watching experience.

Sonic TV Adaptor 2


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Now, you can easily stream your TV directly to your hearing aids with the Sonic TV Adaptor 2. You and your family can enjoy TV at the levels everyone wants so that everyone can listen comfortably. You can turn the volume as high or as low as you need, direct to your hearing aids. Your loved ones can then have the TV itself at their preferred comfort level.

This outstanding Hearing Aid TV Streamer requires the Soundgate 3 to enable streaming. Once connected, it makes listening to your favorite films, television, or music channels easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable for everyone in the room.

Key Information:

  • Made for Sonic: Cheer and Celebrate hearing aids
  • All Items are Brand New
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Watching TV becomes more enjoyable for the entire family with the Sonic TV Adaptor 2. This cutting-edge hearing aid TV streamer makes it easier to understand what’s happening on the TV screens in your home.

From inaudible dialogue when the TV is too loud to sudden sound effects that will startle everyone in the room when the volume is turned up high for you, the Sonic TV Adaptor 2 makes personalized volume control easier than ever. You no longer have to wake the neighbors every time your favorite TV characters start chatting in a crowded scene, and every note of the theme tune will be crystal clear.

This exceptional hearing aid TV streamer works by connecting to your TV and the SoundGate 3. Once you’ve got everything up and running, you can then stream the audio from your television directly to your Sonic hearing aids! No matter how high or low you need that volume, it won’t affect anyone else in the room because they’ll still be listening straight from the TV itself.

The Sonic TV Adaptor 2 is so high quality, so life-changing, and so simple to use that you’ll wonder why you don’t already have one for every TV in your home.

Pairing the device to your hearing aids and your TV is simple and easy, but if you have any problems, you can contact Sonic Customer Support at 888-423-7834.



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Product Features and Highlights of the Sonic TV Adapter 2

This remarkable Hearing Aid TV Streamer can be used by children (over 36 months) and adults alike. Combined with your hearing solution, the Sonic TV Adapter 2 lets you listen at the volume you're most comfortable with while not affecting anyone in the same room.

All you have to do is hold down the program, switch on your hearing aids and select the channel. Once selected, you’ll be able to hear your TV with crystal clear precision. You can even adjust the volume straight from your hearing aid just by pressing your hearing aid’s volume control. And if the others in the room aren’t wearing hearing aids, they can control the TV volume straight from the set without adjusting your volume.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Sonic TV Adaptor 2

Looking after your hearing aid TV streamer couldn’t be easier. Unlike many hearing aid accessories, you don’t have to take it apart or disconnect it and then go through the pairing process again! Simply get a soft, dry cloth and wipe the adaptor.


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Sonic TV Adapter 2 – FAQs

What is a hearing aid TV streamer?
The Sonic TV Adaptor 2 is a small device that connects directly to your television. It then sends sound that your TV produces directly to your hearing aids. For newer hearing aids with Bluetooth tech, that signal is sent straight from TV to hearing aid without any need for any other hearing aid accessories.
Why is a Hearing Aid TV Streamer needed?
Everyone’s hearing levels are different. Even when speech is at a comfortable level, there is still a certain level of speech discrimination: how much of that speech can be understood. While hearing loss can generally be corrected with a hearing aid and some hearing accessories, speech discrimination is harder to correct. The volume is there, but the words may not be understood.

By sending signals directly to your hearing aids, speech discrimination can be tackled very effectively because you have total control over volume. It’s no surprise that the Sonic TV Adaptor 2 is growing in popularity, as modern TV shows and films tend to have a more muffled approach to dialogue, making it extremely difficult to always understand what’s being said.

Which Sonic hearing aids are compatible with the Sonic TV Adapter 2?

All of the Sonic hearing aids on the SoundDNA platform are compatible with this Hearing Aid TV Streamer. That includes:

  • Celebrate 100|80|60|40|20 BTEs (miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE 105) and custom products with 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Cheer 100|80|60 Wireless BTEs (miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE T R, and BTE 105)

How do I pair the Sonic TV Adapter 2 with my hearing aid?

It couldn’t be easier to pair your Sonic TV Adaptor 2 with your hearing aid. It generally takes less than a minute from start to finish, although this may take slightly longer depending on your current hearing aid and its age.

To pair your Sonic TV Adaptor 2 to your SoundGate:

1: Check that the Hearing Aid TV Streamer has been turned on and has power. This will be shown by the green light that should be visible.

2: Ensure that the SoundGate and the Hearing Aid TV Streamer are close to each other. The closer they are, the better, but aim for at most one foot away from each other.

3: Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the SoundGate for around five seconds. Once you see that the light starts to flash rapidly, wait one minute.

4: The Sonic TV Adaptor will now be connected and the status indicator will glow solid orange.

To pair your Sonic TV Adaptor 2 to your hearing aids:

1: Check that the Sonic TV Adapter 2 is turned on and then open and close the battery compartments on your hearing aids.

2: Place your hearing aids on top of the Sonic TV Adaptor 2.

3: the lights on the hearing aid TV streamer will turn blue to indicate that they have been successfully connected.

The TV will now be available as a program on your hearing aids, allowing you to listen to the television with just the click of a button.