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StreamLine TV


The Signia StreamLine TV will stream your TV’s audio directly to your Signia hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality. It is easy to connect and use. Take your TV watching experience to a whole new level.

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One of our most requested items is the ability to hear the TV better with more clarity. With the Signia StreamLine TV, you can now do that. This device will stream your TV's audio directly to your hearing aids wirelessly. It brings better clarity to the words as it is streaming directly to your hearing aids without loss of signal as opposed to hearing it across the room. The best part is while you enjoy at your level, now your family and enjoy your favorite shows with you at a level they are comfortable with. Includes RCA cable and an audio jack adaptor. 1-year manufacturer warranty.


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How do I connect my hearing aids to the StreamLine TV?

Connecting your hearing aids to the StreamLine TV is simple. It has fully automatic pairing built-in with 3 easy steps:

  1. Turn on StreamLine TV
  2. Switch the hearing aids off and then back on
  3. Place both hearing aids on the StreamLine TV

The pairing process starts automatically. As soon as pairing is complete, both LED displays will turn blue for about 30 seconds.

Pairing only needs to be performed once. StreamLine TV can be paired with multiple sets of hearing aids.

Which hearing aids is SteamLine TV compatible with?

The Streamline TV is compatible with the Signia Xperience and Nx hearing aids with Bluetooth.

Do I need an App to use the StreamLine TV?

No, you do not need an app. Although many find that using the app as a remote control to adjust their volume and to start streaming the TV is very helpful and convienant.

Can I stream the TV to more than one pair of hearing aids at a time?

Yes. You can pair as many hearing aids to the SteamLine TV at the same time. There is no limit. This is very nice for households where multiple people wearing aids and want to watch TV together.

Can I pair my hearing aids to multiple StreamLine TV's at the same time?

No, you can not. Your Signia hearing aids will only pair with one StreamLine TV at a time. If you want to connect it with a different StreamLine TV then you will need to re-pair it with the device you desire. In order to do this, you need to turn the hearing aids off and on – by opening and closing the battery door -, put your hearing aids onto the top side of the StreamLine TV and wait for the app. 30 seconds.

What do the different lights mean?

White power display: StreamLine TV is starting.

Both displays flash blue: StreamLine TV is switched on but not paired with any hearing aids.

Both displays turn blue for about 30 seconds: Pairing is complete.

Green power display and blue status display: StreamLine TV is connected to another electronic device (whether or not an audio signal is being transmitted).

Both displays glow green: StreamLine TV is receiving an audio signal via the Cinch connection.

Green power display and a flashing green status display: StreamLine TV is not receiving an audio signal via the Cinch connection or the volume is too low.

Green power display and a flashing red status display: The signal format is not supported.

Red power display: StreamLine TV is switched on but not receiving an audio signal.

Both displays flash red: Error. Please contact your hearing care professional.