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uDirect and uTV Bundle


These sleek, hands-free accessories let you enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers, and MP3 players. As a bundle, you save big and enjoy even more by streaming your favorite TV shows.

  • All Items are Brand New
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Includes sales tax where applicable
  • Requires pairing with your hearing instruments. See the details below.

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Unitron uDirect3 and uTV Bluetooth System is a sleek bundle that wirelessly delivers clear sound signals directly to both of your hearing aids. It is designed for use with mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers, and MP3 players.

  • Conveniently acts as a remote for quick access to essential features of your hearing aids
  • Promotes safer, hands-free operation of mobile phones
  • Streams your favorite TV shows directly to your hearing aids letting you enjoy at the volume level you like while the rest of the family enjoys the experience at a comfortable level for them
  • Plugin your MP3 player for wireless transmission of music and audio to your hearing aids without the need for headphones
  • FM signals are sent to both hearing aids wirelessly providing clear and comfortable sound
  • This is also compatible with uTV 3 for TV streaming directly to your hearing aids
  • Made for Tempus and North Platforms
  • Note that you need to have this device paired with your hearing aids through the hearing professional you purchased your hearing instruments from.


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