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Gold Hearing Aid Service Plan


The price is per aid.  The HG Gold Service Plan comes with 1 year’s worth of coverage.  It covers in-office visits and any electronic failure.

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The Gold Service Plan offers some great advantages while saving you a little money compared to the Platinum Service Plan.  The following are the benefits:

▪Electronic Repair Coverage

▪Unlimited Programming

▪Clean and Checks

▪Video Otoscopy

▪Hearing Retest

▪On-site Lab Repairs

▪Wax Management

▪Battery Program*

In order for a patient to be in the Gold Service Plan, the hearing instruments must be in good working condition. If the hearing instruments are not working then the patient must send them in for repair at the regular repair charge according to the office. Typically a repair charge is $299 - $349 each aid. The difference between the Platinum and Gold Service Plans is that the Gold Plan lacks the Loss and Damage coverage. There is maximum coverage of 5 years. After 5 years, the only option is the Bronze Plan. Help the patient understand the value of keeping their investment in some sort of coverage. *Rechargeable batteries are not included or covered in the Gold Service Plan Renewal. After purchase, your service plan will be processed and a copy of your service plan will be mailed to you with your serial number(s) of aids covered. If you have any questions please call and we can assist you.

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