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“You’ll Love What You Hear from Our Hearing Aid Center in Kansas and Oklahoma.”

Hearing Group founders Amy and Jesse Hidalgo

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My Signia hearing aid had an internal battery that had died. I had not used it for the past couple of years. I found the Hearing Group online. For a cost of about 1/7 of what I paid for the hearing aid, they said they could send it to Signia and have the battery replaced, and the Hearing Group would give me a 1 year warranty. I brought it to their store in Moore, and they had it back in less than a week and a half, which they said it would probably take. They helped load the Signia ap on my phone and answered a few qestions. I highly recommend the Hearing Group!
My Dad had Hearing aid issues and he was recommended to the Hearing Group and Brandi. He was so happy with everything Brandi did for him to resolve the issues. Brandi was helpful and very kind and my Dad said he was going to recommend her to his friends at Derby Assisted living.
I received excellent care at the hearing group
Was very professional and new. What she was doing very nice technician
We actually love Stacy that gives the hearing test. So patient and knowledgeable. She has helped Randle so much. He loves the aids. And hates to take them out to charge them! Lol
My 82-year old Dad got his very first hearing aids and Janet was so helpful. Dad isn't very tech savvy, but Janet explained everything so well and in a way that was easily understood. Such a great first experience! I would highly recommend the Hearing Group!
So far, my experience has been very good. The staff are very professional and informative. They took time to listen and give information. Liked that they will be checking in with me and if the aids don't work for me they will try to either adjust them or we will try others.
Very Friendly and warm atmosphere, will recommend to Others
I had a problem with hearing aids not staying in my ears. Brandi did a fine job to remedy that problem. All is well now.
Working hard to make me hear good
My first time with hearing aids and they made it so easy to understand and hearing good for the first time in 20 years thank you hearing group Brandi was awesome all the way around
Stacy was very easy to work with, from the hearing test to actually explaining how my new hearing aids work. Would recommend Hearing Group to anyone needing hearing aids.
I received very professional and polite service and testing for my new hearing aids. I highly recommend them.
Tracy is always willing to help me with my hearing aids. I’m not good with technology and she showed me how to get the most out of my new hearing aids.
Very nice people and took care of all my needs. They explained things so well I had no questions. Would reccomend the Hearing Group to all my friends!!
Today was fitting day for my new hearing aids, and I was apprehensive about it, but it went very well and I am very pleased with the service I received!
Very friendly and helpful. Thanks Janet.
Fast delivery and great service!!! The TV Connector arrived very fast and within seconds of plugging in automatically paired with the hearing aids and no problems at all!!!
Super friendly people and was able to get my hearing aids repaired fast.
This Hearing Group is in the top 10 people. Beautiful store with friendly staff and top-quality products. Mine that I ordered had just come out on the market, I absolutely love them. Make an appointment, you won't be disappointed.
Got the original hearing aid filters as described on their web site. I ordered them on Thursday and received them Monday morning. Very pleased. Will order from them again. Thanks!
I was very happy with the friendly service and testing. My new hearing aids work better than my old ones that I paid twice as much for. I can now hear sounds I haven't heard in years. It's so nice to be able to understand what people are telling me, especially my Grandkids
I went in for my first 100 day check of my hearing aids. I requested permission to observe the process, and was permitted to do so. The receptionist technician demonstrated and explained each step involved, and I found the experience very worthwhile. She answered my questions and supplied me with information about purchasing parts for the hearing aids. I highly recommend Hearing Group!
Janet is the best!
I enjoyed going to Hearing Group they treat you with great respect and carring
Very helpful. When the 1st set of aids didn't work out, she worked us through the process of getting a better set we are satisfied with.
My 4th set of hearing aids. Have been very happy with Janet over the years. So nice. Would not think about going anywhere else
Initially, it took around a couple of hours. Had to do a new hearing test. Very thorough and detailed information came out of that. Then we had a short conversation about available and fitting merchandise. Lastly, we molded the earpiece, then verified the insurance coverage. Very smooth process. Courtesy was plentiful, so easy to conversate with the specialist here. Lobby was spacious, tidy, and had some interesting artwork. The product arrived a week before expected, and I was bumped up on appointment slot, since another client canceled their own, and this clinic didn't hesitate to let me fill in instead. The latest visit was a fitting and device setup. This went briskly and the specialist was wholly informative and helpful. Will visit again as needed.
Thank you sooo much !!I love my new hearing aid w/bluetooth.It has changed my life in someways.I can hear !!! 🤟Tracy Anderson. She's AWESOME !!!
Tracy was very helpful in adjusting my aids. She understood my needs and converted it to a better hearing experience for me.
Ryian is always very pleasant to talk to and very professional in her approach to business.
Great place for the ears
Amazing experience at the hearing group. Didn’t realize what I was missing.
I went and saw Janet Kelly at hearing group back in March 2024 and I was wanting to upgrade my hearing aids I'd been wearing for a few years and it wasn't very happy with them they weren't really improving my hearing for phone calls and talking to people and movies, And she did a great job of showing me what she thought would be the best hearing aids for me, so I decided to try them out and here's what happened. I've been here i've been wearing hearing aids for a while a few years they didn't really help me a whole lot I talked to people on the phone all over the world they don't speak good English and I need is something better I would go to movies and I would have to ask my wife 10 times what did they say there that's how it was and I had trouble with some people in business understanding them. But when I got these new hearing aids they got them at a very good price the best I've ever seen but when I got these hearing aids I couldn't believe it I can go to the movie now and I never have to ask my wife one time what did they say and I can crank them up even more I watch TV now at home and I can hear everything and sometimes I complain that the TV is too loud, and when I'm in my business I own a software development company and I have people from all over the world working me I can understand everybody so much better it's crazy and just talking to people in general I'm so much more confident now these hearing aids have literally changed my life for the better and I have a lot of this to hearing group for having the good people to serve me there that makes us all work for them,
Janet was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Did an awesome job informing me about the hearing aides I have purchased Will give reference to my friends
I am always treated courteously, and professionally.
Jenny was great, walked me and my wife thru each step. Very comfortable when we finished.
Irma Sage is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all my wife and my questions in terms that we understood. We would highly reccommend her office.
Wonderful!!I came home bragging to anyone who would listen! Wonderful informative staff that made me feel right at home. Love my whole experience with HG! Give them my at least 10 stars. Five are not enough. Thank you Team HG!!
Brandi was very helpful in getting my hearing aid repaired. She was extremely nice and understanding, not only to me but to other clients as well.
I have been with Hearing Group for yrs & finally got my men in the family to choose Hearing group for their hearing aids. I just adore Jenny who is so professional in explaining loss of hearing. Her testings, cleaning ears, fittings are so genuine. Please know you’ll be blessed when you use Hearing Group
Brandy is very thorough on checking your hearing, very patient with the elderly. She is very knowledgeable on the earing aids & willing to work with you on the cost choices of what earing aids work best for & the options you want. I would recommend Brandy for the whole family.
Irma was very thorough in the examination and explaining our options. Very personable and helpful.
My very first set of hearing aids, didn't think I would be able to wear them but they are very comfortable. I just have to adjust to being able to hear better. I love them and the staff was so nice. Even having to explain some things over. Wish I'd done this earlier. Thank you Hearing Group.
I visited Hearing Group yesterday. My right ear felt plugged . After examining my ear, I had wax build-up . It's pretty neat watching the tech remove my ear wax on the computer monitor . They checked my hearing devices and cleaned them . Cost was $65 , well worth the price , folks if you need hearing aids , or check your hearing this is place to get great service after the sale , very competitive on hearing aids prices , they will beat the local competition as well as hearing aid business in Stillwater also . Honesty speaks volumes for me !!
A very good service today!
I had a very easy and pleasant experience at the Hearing group. Tracy is very knowledgeable with the hearing devices.
Janet is the best. Highly recommend.
The ones work there where friendly, helpful and very informative to my needs and answer all my questions. The tests to aquire the exact what I need to hear better where exactly what I needed. I for sure to remind them to anyone who needs hearing aids.
Traci is awesome. She explained everything about mine today when I picked it up. Even went over all the features and how to use them.
Great visit, tested my hearing, calibrated my hearing aidsErma does a nice job
Great place for hearing aid stuff
Gotta say my new hearing aids are so awesome... Thank you Brandi and Hearing Group.
Absolutely wonderful. Soo helpful and easy to talk with and problem solved so quickly.
Everything was done on time. The testing and fitting appointments were both very professional and informative and all my questions were answered. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
Janet Colley is great. Went in for hearing test. She took her time with meMade me feel comfortable. I already had hearing aids but they had not been working properly. She programmed my hearing aids and set up app on my phoneExplained how to use different programs in different situationsLeft her office being able to hear better than I have in several years.I highly recommend Janet at Hearing Group on North May Ave. Ok City
Janet at Hearing Group is terrific. She took time with me even though I wasn't scheduled. She and the others in the office are exceptional, and my hearing aids have worked very well.
They are so helpful, thorough at what they do. Very friendly. It is always a pleasant experience when I go there. I would highly recommend them for your hearing aide needs.
I was very pleased with the attention to my needs and feel the service and equipment provided will prove to be very valuable in the coming year.
Janet was very helpful, very thorough. I was dreading getting hearing aids but this team made it a piece of cake. I've had them for a few days now and so far, so good. Highly recommend the Hearing Group and Janet Colley.
I had a very relaxing experience with very knowledgeable staff.
Everyone was kind and helpful. Love my rechargeable hearing aids.
Janet is very professional and very courteous. Yesterday was my fourth trip to her location. It was the best one so far. Looking forward to seeing her on my next visit.
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and showing me just how bad my hearing was. Irma was so great and kind. Hearing again these past few days has put a smile on my face. It's so great to hear again.God bless and have a great day
Received my charger battery today shipped very quickly and started charging it right away hopefully it will work perfectly for my needs
I had wonderful experience with the Hearing Group.
Nothing short of phenomenal. The Derby office was pleasant and very efficient. All business should be this way.
Awesome service Janet Colley. I cannot wait to get my hearing aids. Hearing Group on May Ave is a great place. When I get my hearing aids, I won't have to turn my TV up to 78. A few times, I've had it up to 100. Also, I will be able to quit saying "huh" and be able to carry on a quality conversation.
Great product and service
Thank you for taking care of our hearing needs. The Hearing Group is always caring and explains what is going on with our hearing issues
They were so nice and personable. Really wanted to make my experience as good as possible. I don’t have terrible hearing loss, but any hearing loss is a struggle. They really understood me and what I needed.
Great service all very nice people and clean place to go to
I have been a Hearing Group client for a couple of years, and I've had a very positive experience with the company and Tracy Andersonthe Audiologist. She has been very helpful and informative.
The hearing group is the BEST hearing specialists and has gone above and beyond to help my husband get his hearing aid needs met, Great company Jenny's the best!
Friendly & knowledgeable team!
Service is Outstanding, friendly people and easy access for handicapped.
My experience with the Hearing Group office in Enid was totally positive. Jenny answered all my questions & gave me detailed instructions on how my hearing aids work. I highly recommend using the Hearing Group.
Brandi was very helpful! She took time to make sure that every question I had was answered so I understood what I needed to make this comfortable, Thank you!
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, I would definitely recommend this group
It was a good experience. I was in and out in good time. I was showed how to clean the hearing aids. Very important.I would highly recommend the Hearing group
They took me in as soon as she possibly could due to my being late for my appointment( my initial mistake)and did me a great service!! Thank you folks for cleaning my hearing aids! You’re the best!!! I give you 5 stars.
They were very informative and professional. It was a pleasure doing business with them.
Great experience. Very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I was there a while asking questions and never did she make me feel stupid or rushed. Highly recommend!
Capable and friendly staff! Clearly explained everything.
Ryian was super knowledgeable and helpful on my hearing journey! I would highly recommend using the Hearing Group for your hearing needs.
Great service!! Very helpful and effectiveThanks again.
I have had the most wonderful and comfortable,friendly and helpful experience with The Hearing Group team. Tracy, thank you for all your patience and help to me.
The visit went well, she explained it so I could get a better idea of what to expect, and gave me good instructions on using the hearing aids.
Very professional and helpful, I give them a 9.8.
Everyone is friendly and helpful and very professional
Did not want hearing aids but I'm really happy that my wife got her and was so happy I decided to test & get mine. Really happy & would recommend to others. Great service, they could answer all my questions. Thank you. For a job well done.
I had a very pleasant and wonderful experience here. I love the staff and they took wonderful time to work with me.❤️❤️❤️
Ms. Brandi is such an amazing person to work with she is very knowledgeable and professional Thx you for your help
Very pleasant and efficient.
Dr. Brandi is very kind, caring and professional and patient to explain things. She searches for the best options a person needs. I highly recommend Hearing Group in Derby.
Hearing Group in Derby is a great place for us hearing-challenged people. Brandi Hileman was awesome, and took care of my needs after moving to the area recently. Business is easy to get to and schedule appointments. I was treated very friendly and professionally. Give them the opportunity to assist you with your hearing needs. Thank YOU.
I've had only positive results from HG. I had very attentive service today.
Great experience. Irma, as always, is friendly, thorough, and professional.
My mother is grateful for her new hearing aids and patience that she received from the Hearing Group job well done Thank
Irma was welcoming, professional and thorough in her service. She even coordinated my phone with the aids. I am hearing very well.
Excellent service and very kind
Great service spend lotes time friendly.
Great service and very friendly staff. Very knowledgeable
Friendly and great service.
got the replacement aid for the one I lost check out linked to the app. on my phone and working in under 10 minutes so I could get to my next doctors appointment on time. They are great.
The hearing tech, Jesse was very professional and his assistant was just wonderful!
Went in for my 4 month cleaning, very efficient and fast. Brandi answered all my questions. Great selection of hearing aids. Very friendly and I’ll get my next hearing aid from them.
Awesome Service, and Staff. Knowledgeable, and Professional!
I have ordered various supplies over several years and they are always accurate, fast, professional and efficient. I have received my orders in a couple of days, even though I live in Washington state.
My husband actually got his hearing aids here. He was extremely happy with his new hearing aides and the excellent care given by the employees. He went to have a little tune up today, they are so quick, he really likes that!
I had an excellent experience with Hearing Group, from the initial exam, to ordering/fitting, to the final tweaks to make the fit and sound perfect. Thank you Brandi!
Very professional and courteous service. Didn’t feel rushed and had all my questions answered. I highly recommend this business! Great service!
For starters, Irma is beyond amazing in her warm demeanor, her professionalism, her knowledge, her communication, and her care. I will definitely recommend her.
Jenny has always been very polite an helpful.
The cleaning , adjustments a update helped a great deal, and took only a few minutes. I will be due back in a few months and look forward to yet another professional and courteous experience.
Very helpful with my Mother and getting her fitted for hearing aids. She loves them and enjoying being able to hear after many years of not being able too.
Very pleasant and professional. Correction to my aids has been successful. Thanks
A+++ experience. Highly recommend Jesse and staff. Professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with your most optimal path to hearing improvement.
Very professional and helpful!
My yearly checkup. Another great visit. Learned som new things about my phone ap. Checking into updating to some new aids. I couldn't ask for greater service. Nice folks.
Janet is the most accommodating and helpful person. I am so happy with the care given to me while being tested and while purchasing my new hearing aids. Janet is very kind and cares deeply for her patients! I would highly recommend Hearing Group!
Excellent service and support. Brandi made me feel like I was the most important person in the building. The exam was thorough and I felt like she fully understood my specific needs and desires. After reviewing several options, I selected the Styletto hearing aids. What??? They feel great and look amazing. Thank you, Hearing Group.
I had an appointment with Jenny to have my hearing checked less than 2 weeks ago. My hearing aids came in last week and I got them today. The entire process was great. Jenny helped me every step of the way. She explained everything. She paired them to my phone. I definitely recommend them.
Hearing aid cleaning. Janet Colley very professionally serviced my wife's hearing aids. Good discussion of devices and circumstances under which we would replace them. Will continue discussions when she tests wife's hearing in the spring. Would recommend Ms Colley and Hearing Group to others.
Great place to go if you want great customer service and products.Irma was very helpful and knowledgeable on all products and makes sure you are 100 percent satisfied
Janet at Hearing Group took her time to make sure my hearing aids were working like they should. Got backup pair until the issue is fixed. Thank you
Brandi took her time to explain to my wife and me about my hearing test; talked with us about my current hearing aids; helped us decide on new hearing aids explaining the differences. Through all this she never pressured us to purchase any new hearing aids, just explained our options. I would highly recommend if you have hearing questions, contact Hearing Group.
Hearing Group Derby Kansas is a very pleasant and helpful place to go for hearing needs
I truly appreciate the HG, the expertise and knowledge they have and their professional skills!!!
Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful, explained in detail how to use the hearing aids
Thanks for all your help
Since my insurance required me to use Hearing Group as one of two local choices, I was skeptical when I went in. All my concerns were answered. This is a kind, knowledgeable practice with up to the minute tech. My husband was so impressed with them, he made an appointment as well. We both enjoy our new improved hearing and the follow up service is top notch as well.
We have so far had a good experience with the Hearing Group. Getting and using hearing aids for the first time, there is a huge learning curve. They have helped us through this.
I am so happy I chose the Hearing Group. Great customer service for the hearing test & to explain everything when I picked my hearing aids up today. I wish I could give them 10 stars!!
Excellent everything.
Very good service.
Brandi was very informative, and helpful. Thank you. For my hearing.....
Brandi is always kind and helpful, as are all the agents. I do wish the East Wichita office was still available, I would rather go there instead of driving all the way to Derby or to the west office.
Treated very well answered all questions I had would recommend them
My husband and I are 3 weeks into our first set of hearing aids. We have had a couple of adjustments which were taken care o swiftly and pleasantly. To date we couldnt be more pleased with the producct and the service. Brandi is a great working partner, professional and pleasant.
Fantastic, Friendly, professional, happy smiles 😃. Thanks Jenny G. 👍
They where able to repair my out of warranty hearing aid on site and within my budget. Will be buying my new hearing aids from them in the near future.
Very good experience. Will be happy with new ear pieces. Thank you very much.
Irma is always so nice, professional and very helpful. She explained everything that I needed to know about the Hearing aids. I would definitely recommend the Hearing Group!
Everything went great and I learned a lot that I had forgotten. Wonderful experience.
Very professional and kind
Can’t find in local stores, so thankful for HG on line shopping for batteries!
Your agent was very kind and helpful and friendly.
Irma was most patient, kind and knowledgeable.
Awesome customer service.
I was very pleased with my experience at Hearing Group in Enid. Jenny Grittman is very professional and personable. I would recommend her to anyone.
I really appreciate Brandy being able to get me in and deal with my foolishness (I washed my hearing aids in the washing machine bc I had forgotten I had put them in a pocket of my sweatpants). She got me all sorted out and back on the road in less than a hour.Great service and an amazing person to work with. Thank you. Thank you.
Irma at the Hearing Group does a great job. She is proactive in making sure all of my hearing needs are met. I would strongly recommend her and the Hearing Group
Very caring of their customers, easy to work with and very financially efficient. They love to help you get the best bang for your buck and did I mention they CARE about their customers. Super friendly yet professional.
Jesse was able to fix my hearing problem when no one else could, he is great at what he does and I am Thankful that I found him.
It awesome experience she was very nice listen to what I wanted and made it happen for me
The staff is the reason I keep coming back. I lost a pair and Tracy helped me get a new set. I'll definitely keep them for any future things I need
Everyone was so friendly and helpful
Great customer service and timely appointments. Thing I like most they care about you as a customer and listen to what you have to say about your hearing they can even laugh with you about your hearing. Ryian C. is great and so are the receptionist that work the front desk. Keep up the great work ladies.
Very dedicated to ensure the quality of their work. Ryiann is very polite, understanding, and very knowledgeable of her profession. Can’t thank them enough to be able to hear like normal again.
If you are about to get hearing aids, be aware you will likely need service after the sale. Tracy and Annette have been very helpful to me when I've had problems with my hearing aids.
Everyone is especially nice and professional at Hearing Group. Their office is easy to access and today I was in and out of their office before my actual appointment time! I recommend Hearing Group for your hearing needs.
Always friendly and professional. I needed one of my hearing aids replaced. It was 2 weeks before I left on a cruise and that's a close call. They marked ASAP on it and I got it in plenty of time.
Very attentive, knowledgeable and patient with my elderly mother who also has Alzheimers. My mother ended up with a good set of hearing aids that fit her correctly.
Very pleasant. Gave me lots of information and fitted me for hearing aids. So far so good. Service was excellent.
A cancellation made it easier for us to get home before twilight. Everything about the visit was highly positive.
I absolutely love The Hearing Group of Ponca City. Ryian is very nice, sweet, caring, friendly, supportive, and helpful. She worked with me on my hearing test and getting the right diagnosis then what I had been told before. She also worked with me and my provider on getting the right hearing aids that was best for me. When I call her call center they are also very nice, helpful and very friendly.I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a hearing test or for hearing aids.Thank you very much Hearing Group of Ponca City. I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help me.
The lady was very knowledgeable and helpful so on a scale of 1 to 10 she was a 11.5. I will recommend her to all my friends.Thanks and Happt EasterHe is Risen
Honest, helpful and vey knowledgeable.
Was very impressed with Hearing Group. Everything was explained to me and what to expect in future days. Would absolutely recommend Hearing Group to anyone asking for a Hearing Center. 100% happy with my decision.
Was very please with service and their knowledge..this is the place to go..
Jesse is absolutely amazing!! I can’t say enough good things about him and Hearing Group. He treated my grandmother with so much respect and care. I’m so thankful we found this place. My grandmother left the place beaming because she was able to hear so much better.
Very polite and very friendly I had a very good experience with them and I would recommend her to anyone thank you
Awesome experience abd friendly staff very efficient. I would definitely recommend this service.
Had a hearing aid issue, one not working. Got me in really quick. Resolved issue and out the door in less than 10 minutes.
My hearing aid lady doctor is great she showed me how to use them and help me set them up l love these thingsAnd no you ain't getting them backI can hear with both ears nowI have not heard anything in my left ear for over 30 years which was very confusing only been able to hear with my right at times when someone was talking i would look to the right and they would be on my left, but the Hearing Group change All that and it is a wonderful feeling to be able to hear again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make all this happen for me.GOD bless you all at theHearing Group
I’m always happy to do business with Jenny. She’s very friendly and thorough at her job. She’s taken care of all my hearing needs for the last 4 years.
Jennifer was very knowledgeable and helpful, Thank you Hearing Group.
Everyone was so incredibly helpful and kind and very professional. It was a wonderful experience for me
Can’t say enough good things about Janet Colley at Hearing Group! She went over every detail. Very honest, knowledgeable, & patient. Had a great experience!
I was fitted for hearing aid and was happy with the results.
The professionalism starts with Lexi, she was recognizing us as soon as we walked in. She was very good at explaining every aspect of our appointment.Jesse was again a professional in always, explaining every aspect and very attentive to our needs
I have had nothing but great experiences with Truhearing..Janet Colley was very professional and led me in my hearing testwith patirence and thorough explanations. When the devices weredelivered, her attention to details was was very reassuring. I wouldhighly recommend this company to everyone in need of better hearing. The devices are comfortable and my improvement inhearing makes me wish I had availed myself of these aids earlier!
Professional help.
Very good service. Very friendly and professional. Answered any questions we had.
Quick and helpful
Prompt and friendly service
Found just what I needed. Received my order much more quickly than I expected.
Ryian was helpful as usual. She explained everything very thoroughly and sweetly. She knew I didn’t want hearing aids but she convinced me I needed them and now that I have I see that she was right. Everything was good!
Hearing is one of the most wonderful gifts we have. When you reach an age or something causes you to lose that ability to hear it can change your whole life. I know because I have a great hearing loss; until I discovered Hearing Group on North May in OKC. On my first visit with Janet I felt confident she was truly concerned about my hearing loss, tested my hearing and made a recommendation for a hearing aid set that has changed my hearing back to what I remembered years ago. I now can hear my wife, friends and TV as if I had never lost my hearing. My new hearing aids are so fantastic in sound quality and ear molds made to fit my ears I literally forget i even have them on. Her service is highly recommended if you have or even think you have a hearing problem. You can't go wrong with her expert service.
wonderful experience!!! so kind and caring:)
Very professional and courteous. Almost pleasant to work with.
I ordered the Widex TV Play in July 2023 and it was delivered three days later. I couldn't be happier with the service from the HG Company, especially since the price I paid was the lowest I found on the Internet. So, my entire experience was exceptional. I'll definitely use the HG Company for my hearing needs again! BTW, I'm thoroughly enjoying the TV Play while viewing TV. I can hear the dialog in movies so much better while using TV Play. My only problem is some feedback squealing in my hearing aids due to the high volume on the TV desired by others in the room with me.
A wonderful experience! Janet was very professional and knowledgeable about my hearing aid. She answered all my questions.
Always a pleasure! Fast and friendly service. Highly recommend them for your hearing needs.
I am very pleased with the hearing group the first time I went it was just before Christmas and she went into the office even though it was close to let me have an appointment you can't get better than that.
First I want to say that the HG Company IS A GOOD company to deal with! I nothing but good things to say about them: staff, very professional and knowledgeable. The products I received, hearing aid receivers were such a reasonable price I couldn’t pass it up! And prompt service! No complaints about the company, for sure. Of course I will buy from them again! Well, as long as my Phonak hearing aids continue to work!
Very friendly informative. Answered all questions. Couldn't have asked for anything better.
The service was excellent and the device is working better than expected.
The lady was very polite and friendly thanks
Oticon ConnectLine 3.0 was delivered quickly, works great, best price, sorry that I waited so long to buy. I texted to verify that it would work with my hearing aids and response was prompt and helpful. Thank you!
You gave me personal one on one care.
Always prompt and efficient
Very informative, understanding, patience with my mother.
Service was great
I ordered a receiver wire for left sidehearing aid. The price was excellent, and the shipping was next day . quality product!! thank you
I had an older pair of hearing aids (that my wife originally wore) reprogrammed for my hearing loss. They have worked great, but normal wear and tear eventually caused a wire to break. The audiologist wanted to charge a significant amount for a receiver replacement, but I found the exact item on Hearing Group for less than half the price. It arrived quickly and after tracking down a couple online videos, a DIY replacement was easy. The hearing aid is back to normal! Thanks Hearing Group.
Great experience at HG in Ponca City! Ryien did a outstanding job fitting me with the perfect hearing aids based on my needs! Ashley made it a simple process handling the paperwork and filing the insurance claim!I did not realize how bad my hearing loss was until I received my new hearing aids. Makes life alot better not having to say WHAT all of the time!
Very friendly and helpful every time. We love hearing group
My husband was a new customer and got real time repairs. Life saver for sure. Thank you 😊
I was pleasantly surprised by the way I was treated like family. My hearing situation was professionally and completely explained. My care was explained in detail and was assured of calling or emailing with any questions and concerns.
Very good sales and service with professionalism you can depend on with fast, and economical shipping! I'M getting ready to place another order and I'm a satisfied customer!!
Jenny was professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. She make the whole process easy. And the hearing aids are great!! I can hear so much better now. I can hear the birds again. If you having hearing issues this is the place to go!! Jenny will take good care of you!!!
Irma and her staff are always helpful ! I tell anyone who is looking to get hearing aids to contact Irma.
The staff is super. They genuinely care about your hearing as well as how you are feeling. They don't try to just sell you on the most expensive hearing aids they encourage to go with what you can and don't make you feel bad because you can't afford the really good ones. Can't say enough good about them.
I had a great experience with you and am very glad that I went to you now I realize what I was missing out on
Always a happy and well cared for environment. Love y'all!
I made my son go to the other room and talk real low and I heard him. This is awesome. I have not said huh at all sence I have put these in today. I love your attitude makes me want to keep coming back to y'all. Your the best.
Great company, and fast shipments. So happy I can get replacement parts from this company rather than having to wait weeks to get an appointment with my audiologist.
Always so helpful and friendly. They answer all my questions and do their best to solve any issues that I might have.
Quick friendly service! Jenny is a real professional and cares about your needs.
Jenny is wonderful at explaining everything. Very friendly and willing to answer any questions. A great experience.
Tracy was wonderful it was for my husband Elpidio he is excited he can hear good again.
Irma was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, making this experience quite a good one. The on-going services offered will ensure a continued relationship and I am looking forward to that. I would totally recommend her to anyone.
Price quoted for the Phonak TV Connector by my audiologist was unaffordable. Yours was 1/3 the price and your BBB rating was favorable so I took a chance. Excellent service; ordered on Saturday and arrived Wed. Factory packaging and functioned perfectly! Thanks!
The hearing group is a really good place and lady there that work the front office and does the hearing test and shows you how to do the hearing aids if you have never have never worn any before is very helpful and shows you how and works with you until you can the hearing aids yourself.
Jess and Amy are such kind people. They helped me decide the best plan for me. They know their business and I always look forward to going there.Mary Potter
Very professional staff, efficient and friendly!
Every thing was very good. A good experience
I received very personal, professional service for my hearing aids in a very relaxing office. I'm more satisfied with using my hearing aids than I have ever been.
I am sure my visit today was helpful.Turned tv much lower. Thanks for your help.
Received the miniFit speaker that I ordered sooner than I expected it to arrive. It fit and worked as advertised. Also ordered wax filters for my Oticon OPN3 hearing aids they also were the ones I needed. Very pleased with the service.
My husband loves his new hearing aids. He was reluctant to try them but after only a week he is so happy to be able to hear sounds he hasn't experienced in years. It is truly a miracle how much difference it has made in his quality of life.
I was very happy with my experience with Irma and The Hearing Group. I was a little reluctant having gone to my previous provider for many years. Irma exceeded my expectations and I am happy I found her!
Reasonable prices. Very fast shipping.
Great service.
The tv hearing connector is the best thing since sliced bread. I love it and it truly works wonderfully well for me. It's great to hear the soft and often whispered dialogue in some programs. Overall an excellent device. Installation instructions were very clear. But if you are hesitant to install the connector by yourself, anyone with rudimentary tv and tv remote knowledge could easily be of assistance to you. I am one very pleased guy!
For my dad larry wants to thank you for all your help the servise and being able to get me in when i need a appointment
Excited; & hoping hearing aide works & is satisfactory &special molding blesses me in entering the world of Sound.
I needed a replacement receiver for an 6 year old aid. I’ve stopped going to the OVERPRICED hearing specialist after a long relationship. All I needed was one receiver. They said Oticon wouldn’t service it and extended service insurance is not available after 5 years. $300 just to have it looked at! Extended insurance was no available. New high quality hearing aids are much too expensive. Just finance them they said. I kept looking on line and found the Hearing Group. BINGO! I ordered a new receiver and paid $54. I had the newreceiver in 4 days. Great pricing. No hassle. No push to buy new. I highly recommended The Hearing Group to everyone!
Ashley & Titan have always been informative, courteous & thorough with regards to my hearing aids. Ashley took care of the servicing quickly & let me know what was done. I am very pleased with my treatment at Hearing Group.
It was a very pleasant experience. I was greeted, seated and every step was explained.
I highly recommend the Emporia office for any one with hearing questions and issues! Both Jesse and Amy were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the thorough testing that I received. I also appreciate the time Jesse took to explain, teach and answer questions. There is no question in my mind that they are very knowledgeable and are in the business to help the client and direct them to the next step. Too many places just want to sell hearing aids - their goal is much bigger! Thank you Jesse and Amy!
Jennifer did great. I got my hearing aids today. Fast, friendly and they are here to help. Can't say enough about the customer service. If you need hearing aids or your hearing checked They will take great care of you.
Everything was explained well& I feel informed & ready to hear everything.
Jenny is very caring and will go the extra mile for you.
They very professional and so ready to take care of your needs, I would highly recommend this hearing group.
Great service and pricing with fast shipping. My receivers needed replaced and my aids were out of warranty so I found original parts for great prices at Hearing Group. I was able to replace the parts and get my hearing aids back it perfect working order saving hundreds off dollars. Thank you very much and Hearing Group will be my go to for all my Unitron parts!
My husband and I had an appointment with Irma. She was so kind and very informative. She took her time to make sure we understood everything and explained every thing so clearly to us. We certainly appreciate such professionalism and help for us in choosing just the right products for us. Thank you Irma!
The service was prompt, courteous and helpful. I heartily recommend this company.
very helpful jesse is very knowledgable about the equipment and has found clogged ports on my hearing aids that had to be sent in for repairs had a set for me to use because my tinitus gets much worse when i dont have them a huge help for me
I am new to the Hearing Group service and just placed my first order on Jan. 5. My order was fast and it was delivered on Jan. 7, which was a surprise. I had ordered a Jodi-Vac, cleaning wipes and a box of batteries. Ordering was easy, processed within a few minutes and received a invoice statement. I will surely do future orders, as well as tell others about them. Thanks Hearing Group.
If you are considering having your hearing checked or purchasing hearing aids I highly recommend you contact Irma with Hearing Group in Wichita. She does a fantastic job getting the proper solution for your situation.
Super fast shipping, Super easy to deal with!Thank you for a wonderful experience!A+ company!
Very friendly and always helpful
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Irma and the Hearing group for the personal attention in fitting me with bi-cros hearing aides. I lost hearing in one ear 44 years ago and have struggled in group situations since then. This holiday season was so much easier because I could hear. My family noticed that I was much more involved in our holiday. Thank you Irma and the Hearing Group!!
Purchased two Oticon TV Adapters from HG recently and couldn't be more pleased. Pricing was very reasonable and they both arrived shortly after I ordered each one. I'll be back for any hearing-related purchases in the future.
Wow, first time buyer and they were excellent. The product was as described and worked flawlessly. Shipping was fast, got it in 3 days even though it was Holiday season. Thank you.
Irma at the west location at Maple and Maize rd was fantastic to work with. She took the time to explain everything so that I could understand and fit my hearing aids perfectly. I highly recommend her for any hearing needs.
The customer service is incredible. They are so helpful.
Very professional but friendly staff. Listened to my concerns about the hearing aids.
Very professional staff, very satisfied with experience
Love the Hearing Group. My Hearing aids have changed my life. Amy and Jesse have been very helpful. Both are competent people. Recommend them highly.