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Unitron is a Sonova brand hearing instrument manufacturer. We love Unitron hearing aids because they offer so many features that we don’t see with other brands. The first is the flexibility to try their hearing instruments at whatever level technology you prefer. If you live a quiet lifestyle and want to see what technology matches that lifestyle no problem. On the other hand, do you live a very active lifestyle or just love hearing your best, we have a technology for you.

Also, Unitron hearing aids offer features like Real-world assessment technology so you can always see what level is best for you. Also, their streaming ability is cutting edge in that you can stream your mobile conversations directly to Apple or Android without any additional devices to wear. Don’t forget about their Lithium-Ion Rechargeable technology. Say bye-bye to the old way of changing hearing aid batteries every week to simply charging them overnight as you do with your other devices. Their all-day performance gives you the ability to hear all your favorite conversations in person or on the phone.

Unitron offers a full line of styles and power levels that is sure to provide the perfect solution for everyone. Just as much as we love Unitron we are confident you will too.

What’s it like to try Unitron hearing aids?

On the fence if hearing instruments are right for you? Wondering what wearing hearing aids is like? Watch the reactions for first time wearers of hearing aids. From the first time you try them you will hear a whole new world.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let’s get you started on the road to better hearing!