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TV Connector

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TV Connector V2.0 for Unitron and Phonak Hearing Aids.

  • Streams TV directly to your hearing aids
  • Made for Unitron Blu, Discover, and Discover Next platform hearing aids.
  • Made for Audeo B-Direct, Phonak Marvel, and Paradise platform hearing aids.
  • Made for Relate 2.0 hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth
  • Model: TV Connector V2.0
  • All Items are Brand New
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Includes sales tax where applicable

Now you can watch your favorite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your hearing instruments to the TV or other media devices. Works with Unitron and Phonak hearing aids. Please refer to your hearing professional or manual to inquire if this product is compatible with your technology level.

Many patients love streaming their favorite TV shows and often ask if they can use more than one TV connector. The short answer is yes, your hearing aids can be paired to multiple TV Connectors. It can only stream from one at a time. You will need to have your hearing professional set up a manual program for your hearing instruments and then it is best to use the phone app that is compatible with your hearing aid platform from the manufacturer. This will allow you to easily switch to the TV connector you choose. After that, enjoy streaming from anywhere you have a TV connector set up.

Comes with 1 Audio cable and 1 Optical cable, and also 1 Power adaptor.

View and Download the Manual here.


5 reviews for TV Connector

  1. Doug (verified owner)

    Just received this yesterday the 17th of June 2021. It was delivered 2 days early and had minor problems getting it to work with an older tv. I had to purchase an RCA to 3.5 mm jack. This unit is surprisingly small but functions perfectly. I can now hear all the background sounds with out having the tv turned up too loud. Other than the additional purchase it was a breeze hooking it up. Well worth the money

  2. Donna Frausto (verified owner)

    This TV Connector is absolutely awesome. Very easy to connect to our Samsung TV and syncing the Phonak hearing aids was a breeze. I can now hear what they are saying without turning up the volume for the entire neighborhood to hear what I am watching. I want to especially point out the SERVICE I received from LEE. LEE assured me that this connector would work with my hearing aids and she let me know when Hearing Group received a new shipment so I was able to order. These go like hot cakes. As Doug said, well worth the money. SERVICE was totally fantastic.

  3. Linda Heath (verified owner)

    The TV connector works great with my Relate 2.0 hearing aids. The service was great too. I opted for the free shipping and got them on Monday after ordering them on Friday. I was able to talk to a real person before I ordered them!

  4. Keith P (verified owner)

    The tv connector works great with my phonak hearing aids.
    The only issue is that the connector box does not accept a standard toslink connector. It needs a mini-optical 3.5mm adaptor or a cable with this connector on one end. I had to order this adapter because the cable included was not long enough for my application.

  5. Sid R. (verified owner)

    Just like Linda said …. “The TV connector works great with my Relate 2.0 hearing aids. The service was great too.” The unit worked as soon as I hooked it up and is just what I (and the family … lol) needed!

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TV Connector FAQs

What is the difference between v1.1 and v2?

Sonova has released v1.1 as a substitute for v2 because of the worldwide chip shortage that is affecting so many companies around the globe. The major difference is v1.1 does not have the power and volume control buttons on the housing of the TV Connector. You can still adjust the volume control thru your hearing aids and thru your hearing aid application. Most patients find once they set it up that it is way more convenient anyways to control the volume that way so they do not have to get up and down. Streaming ability is the same.

How to adjust the sound input with my TV Connector?
The TV Connector is a great accessory to help you listen to TV better. Depending on how your hearing professional set up the preferences in the software makes a difference in how it will stream the signal. In the hearing aid software, the signal can be streamed with only the TV sound or a mix of both the TV and mics in your hearing aids. Most people like to have a mix of hearing the TV and mics because hearing sound in the environment is important. You want to be able to hear if someone rings the doorbell or someone is trying to speak to you in the same room. Again, this is a preference that each patient will need to make when setting up the hearing aids with their hearing professional. If you connect your hearing aids to the TV Connector and you are only hearing the TV signal then you simply need to visit your local hearing professional for a quick adjustment to the settings.
Is the TV Connector compatible with Phonak Hearing Aids?

Phonak hearing aids that are on the Audeo B-Direct, Marvel, and now Paradise platforms are compatible with the TV Connector.  This is true regardless if they are rechargeable or not.

How do I know if my Phonak hearing aids are on the Paradise or Marvel platform?

When you look at the full name of the hearing aid, you can verify the platform – Example: Phonak Audeo P90-R – The “P” in P90 stands for Paradise – so this aid would be compatible. The same goes for Marvel platform aids – there would be an “M” – M90 – M being for Marvel, which is also compatible.

Is the TV Connector compatible with Costco KS 10 hearing aids?

The Costco KS10 hearing aids are manufactured by Phonak so it is compatible with the TV Connector.

Is the TV Connector compatible with Resound hearing aids?

No, the TV Connector is only compatible with Unitron and Phonak hearing aids.

Can the TV Connector stream to more than one set of hearing aids?

The TV Connector can stream to more than one set of hearing aids at the same time. This means that multiple people in the same household will be able to enjoy TV together at the same time.

Can I have more than one TV Connector in my home?

Yes. You can have more than one TV Connector in your home to stream to but remember that you can only stream from one TV at a time.

Is the TV Connector the same as the Phonak TV Connector-D?

Yes, the TV Connector V2 is also known as the Phonak TV Connector-D – they are the same product. Please still ensure your aids are on the Phonak platforms listed above as compatible, to confirm the product will work with your hearing aids.

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