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TV Connector

$199.00 $149.00

TV Connector for Unitron and Phonak Hearing Aids.

  • Streams TV directly to your hearing aids
  • Made for Unitron Discover and Discover Next platform hearing aids.
  • Made for Phonak Marvel and Paradise platform hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth
  • Model: TV Connector V2
  • All Items are Brand New
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Includes sales tax where applicable

Now you can watch your favorite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting their hearing instruments to the TV or other media devices. Works with Unitron and Phonak hearing aids. Please refer to your hearing professional or manual to inquire if this product is compatible with your technology level.

Many patients love streaming their favorite TV shows and often ask if they can use more than one TV connector. The short answer is yes, your hearing aids can be paired to multiple TV Connectors. It can only dream from one at a time. You will need to have your hearing professional set up a manual program in your hearing instruments and then it is best to use the phone app that is compatible with your hearing aid platform from the manufacturer. This will allow you to easily switch to the TV connector you choose. After that, enjoy streaming from anywhere you have a TV connector set up.

Comes with 1 Audio cable and 1 Optical cable, also 1 Power adaptor.

View and Download Manual here.



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