CeruShield Disk Wax Filters

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2 Packs of CeruShield Disk wax filters. They can be used with Unitron and Phonak hearing instruments. 8 wax guards per disk.

  • Includes sales tax where applicable

Is your hearing aid not working as well as they use to? It may just be that the Cerustop wax filter is plugged with cerumen or wax.  These wax filters will make quick work of removing your old one and inserting a new one to help you get back up and running.

1 review for CeruShield Disk Wax Filters

  1. Suzette FERGUSON (verified owner)

    OMG! I know the disks are great but this company is great. I ordered the disks for the very best price ever. ….And, I ordered them on Friday night around 10pm est. Monday they were in my mailbox. Great service!!!!

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