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Hearing Aids in Oklahoma City, OK

Janet Colley|BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hello, my name is Janet Colley, I am a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. I love being a part of the Hearing Group team which has helped many people to live life to the fullest by hearing better. Our offices are equipped with the latest in testing and service technologies. Wearing hearing instruments myself, I understand the struggles that come with not being able to understand what is going on around me.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to better hearing. Together, we will determine your hearing needs, review the options and arrive at a decision that will lead to many years of better hearing and communication. I am committed to working closely with my patients, listening to your needs and arriving at the best solution for you. I look forward to meeting you and beginning your journey to better hearing and a better life.

Get Hearing Help From Your Local Hearing Aid Experts in Oklahoma City, OK.

Are you looking for hearing aid centers near you in Oklahoma City? Look no further because Hearing Group hearing aid centers offer hearing aid options from a variety of manufacturers to fit all hearing losses and budget needs. We also offer free hearing tests, hearing aid test drives to try hearing aids before you buy, hearing aid cleanings and repairs, and so much more.

We understand, life gets busy and sometimes your hearing isn’t the highest thing on your list. The average person waits seven years before seeking help for hearing loss. That’s seven years of turning your TV louder, struggling in conversations, missing out on precious time with loved ones because you can’t hear, and missing the important sounds of the world. 

We’re here to help. We pride ourselves on always putting our patients first and doing everything we can to find the hearing solution that works best for you. Call Hearing Group OKC today to come in for your free hearing test, you won’t regret it: (405) 732-8682

Hearing Help in Oklahoma County and Surrounding Areas

Our office is located on North May Avenue, just north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike near Quail Springs Mall. We’re in a strip of office buildings and stores, sitting between GiGi’s Cupcakes and Mathnasium. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9-5, and there is convenient parking right in front of our office. We offer free coffee and conversation, and we would love to see you in our office! 

Hearing Aid Services We Offer in Oklahoma City

We offer a wide range of hearing and hearing aid services. First and foremost, at Hearing Group a hearing test is always free.

Our hearing aid test drive is a service we’ve found our patients LOVE. Whether you’re getting hearing aids for the first time or considering upgrading to new technology, the test drive allows you to go back to your own environment and try hearing aids before you buy. Not only does this show you the difference hearing aids can make, but it also helps us make sure we’re giving you hearing help tailored to what you need.

We also perform hearing aid repairs and cleanings on most brands of hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Manufacturers Hearing Group Works With

When Hearing Group was first started, we said we want to make sure that we help everybody we can. Patients first is our core value here at Hearing Group, so we want to make sure that we have technology that fits everyone’s needs. We work closely with manufacturers like Unitron, Sonic, Oticon, ReSound, Signia, and more.

We work with multiple manufacturers because we know that there’s not one hearing aid that’s right for everybody. Every person is unique and has their own needs, so here at Hearing Group, we work with a wide range of different technologies and different hearing aid manufacturers to make sure that you get the very best hearing experience you can.

Insurance Plans we accept:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal and most other plans
  • GEHA
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • Truhearing
  • Epic
  • Nations Hearing
  • and many more. We will inquire as to your benefits during your appointment.

The Importance of a Hearing Test

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need a hearing test?” We go to the dentist regularly and have annual checkups at the doctor’s office – hearing tests shouldn’t be any different! Unfortunately, hearing loss does worsen over time, so it can change from year to year. A few other factors that can worsen your hearing loss are frequent exposure to loud noises, illness, injury, or even medications, so it’s important to test it annually.

If you already wear hearing aids it’s especially important to come to see us regularly. Your hearing may have changed since we last tested it or your hearing aids might not be working as well for you as they were at first. Just like you would get a new prescription for your glasses every year, we need to program any new hearing loss into your hearing aids every year. 

When you come into our office we do a comprehensive hearing test, which includes: air conduction, bone conduction, speech reception thresholds, word recognition, MCL, UCL, and speech-in-noise testing. Before all of that, we’ll look in your ears with our video otoscope to check for wax and any visible abnormalities.

All of these terms may be unfamiliar to you right now, but when you come in to have your hearing tested at Hearing Group we will thoroughly explain the testing process, test results and give you our recommendation based on those results. 

A Little Bit About Hearing Aids

Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and that’s why we offer a variety of solutions tailored to each individual. Some people might only need one aid, while others need two. Some people may need to be set up with a BiCROS or CROS configuration to hear their best.

The best solution for one person isn’t the same as the best solution for the next person, whether that’s because of budget differences, more or less hearing loss, different kinds of hearing loss, style preferences, or anything else. Whatever your hearing needs, Janet at Hearing Group in Oklahoma City, OK, is well-equipped to find the best hearing aid solution for you.