Hearing Aid Subscription Program

Will hearing aids work for you.

Better Hearing For All!

When we started Hearing Group we set out with a mission to help as many people as we could to enjoy life through better hearing. Over our 20 plus years of helping people, we have also come to understand that not every scenario is the same. Some people may be wondering if hearing instruments would work for them and want to try them first, others may be waiting on insurance benefits while some others may need a little financial help. Thus, we put on our thinking cap and created our unique HG Subscription program.

This program gives you all the freedom in the world to start hearing better without a long-term commitment and credit checks. The best part is the ability to upgrade your technology level whenever you see fit. With a simple $99 down and your first month’s payment, you can walk out the door hearing with a pair of hearing instruments the same day. Your reasons for not hearing have just disappeared! Contact one of our professional hearing experts today to get started. Hearing better has never been easier!

“The HG Subscription program was right for me.”

I love it, it’s just an all around good deal with a small payment plan, which is easy. And when new technology comes available, you can upgrade! You also never have to buy batteries, you are always in warranty, all cleaning and programming visits are included and there is NO COMMITMENT! You can go as long as you would like or stop whenever you would like.

I’ve told patients and friends about Hearing Group! There’s no need to wait, get in this program. It’s better living for everybody around you. There’s no reason not to!

Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith, Dental Hygentist
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State of the Art Technology

The HG Subscription program provides you with a pair of state of the art hearing instruments at any level of your choice. We have several technology levels at the most affordable prices to choose from, we highly recommend choosing one that matches your lifestyle. In addition, you can add on streaming options that allow you to stream your TV or cell phone directly to your hearing instruments.

Your HG professional will be happy to guide you through the process.

Subscription Details

See office for complete details.


-Perfect option for Fixed Income
-No Commitment, Cancel Anytime
-Batteries Included
-Application enrollment required, Approval with downpayment and 1st month's payment.
-Never out of Warranty

Who's this program for?

This program is for patients looking for another option other than financing in the event they are not able to use traditional financing.

Technology Options

$58 mo. Entry
$76 mo. Basic
$102 mo. Good
$127 mo. Better
$152 mo. Advanced
$178 mo. Premium

Hearing Instrument Upgrade Options

At Hearing Group it is all about you! The best part about the HG Subscription program is that you have options. All are a winner for you as the patient.

  1. Turn them in whenever you’re ready and you can take the amount you have paid during the past year and apply it to your very own set of hearing instruments. Credit is allowed towards equal or higher technology as subscribed for in the past year.
  2. You can stay on the program as long as you would like. If you feel that you would like to hear with a different technology level, you can upgrade at any time for an additional enrollment fee.

Special OfferGet Started Today

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First Payment

Mention this Coupon and we will waive your first month’s payment. ?$99 enrollment fee still applies.

Better Hearing has never been easier.

Let’s talk so we can get you on the road to enjoying life again!