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Hearing aids can add tremendous enjoyment to a person’s life. At Hearing Group we believe in better hearing for all. We are proud to say, we not only have hearing instruments for everyone but in addition a budget or financial plan for all as well. No matter what your financial status is, at Hearing Group you are Approved for a set of hearing aids. With a simple $99 down, you can walk out the door hearing the same day. Your reasons for not hearing have just disappeared!

We offer top of the line technology from the best hearing instrument manufacturers such as Unitron, Sonic, Signia, and Oticon. Looking for rechargeable technology? No problem. Want streaming ability straight to your cell phone? We are the people to see, with a wide range of hearing aid options for you to choose from. Our award-winning styles set us apart. The RIC or receiver in the ear technology really makes your world come to life with the clearest sound possible. Hearing Instruments have changed dramatically over the years and we are proud to say we offer the latest and greatest the hearing aid world has to offer.

Look around and when you are ready, let’s set up an appointment so you can start hearing better today! At HG it’s all about you, after all, it’s your hearing, it’s your style and it should be your choice.

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Unitron Jump Recheargable
Sonic Hearing Aid
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Signia Hearing Aids
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Oticon OpnS Hearing Aid
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Everyones perception of sound can vary greatly from one person to another. Therefore, we don’t just carry instruments from only one manufacturer. Comparison of sound from one hearing aid vendor to another can vary not only in the technology level but also the way sound is presented. Hence, we believe that no one manfacturer can fit all losses thus the reason we carry a varity of top hearing instrument technologies from a wide array of vendors. Just another reason why people love Hearing Group!

Hearing Aid Styles

CIC Hearing Aid

Completely In The Canal Hearing Aid

Canal Hearing Aid

Canal Hearing Aid

Full Shell Hearing Aid

Full Shell Hearing Aid

BTE Hearing Aid

Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

Receiver In The Canal Hearing Aid

Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aid