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Hearing Aid Repair

Are your hearing aids not working? We can help with your hearing aids! You can also check out our Online Shop for parts that you can do at home.

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Do You Need to Fix Your Hearing Aids?

There is nothing more frustrating than when your hearing aids are not working.  It seems like it always happens in the most inopportune time. If you think you are not hearing as well as you used to, there are several things to inspect. The problem could be the receiver, where the sound comes out of the hearing aid. It can also be the microphones are clogged. There are several such as these, that can really alter the sound of the hearing aid.

The good news is, Hearing Group is well equipped to service most brands of hearing aids. In addition, patients love that they get a pair of loaner hearing aids in the event we have to send your hearing aids in for repair to the manufacturer.

Tips for Best Hearing Aid Performance

Want to learn more about how you can get the best performance out of your hearing aids? Check out our video on “Tips and tricks for hearing aid users”. We cover 4 important tips that you should know.

Is it the Hearing Aid or Your Hearing Getting Worse?

One important area that needs to be considered before your hearing aid gets sent in for repair is your hearing loss. As we get older it can be that a person’s hearing loss can gradually change. If you are turning up the volume all the way and it just doesn’t seem loud enough, that may be an indicator of a change of hearing. This can often be addressed with an appointment with your hearing professional for an adjustment.

Something else we find often is that the hearing aid is whistling. This can be caused by a person’s hearing loss changing once again but often can be traced to a poor fitting instrument. You may need to have a different dome on the end of the RIC receiver or a new mold made for your hearing aid for this issue. Another very common reason for this issue is an excessive amount of wax within the ear or at the end of the hearing aid where the sound comes out.

How Long Does a Hearing Aid Repair Take?

That is a great question. Hearing Group is equipped to look at and fix a variety of issues that arise with your hearing aids in the office on the same day. In the event, we cannot fix the issue in the office most repairs sent to the manufacturer generally take one to two weeks.

How Much Does a Hearing Aid Repair Cost?

At Hearing Group that can depend on if you are in a Service Plan. If you are in our Gold or Platinum service plan your repair cost is always covered. If you are not in a service plan, no worries. We service most brands whether you purchased them from Hearing Group or not. If not in a service plan and we can fix it in the office, you pay for the appointment slot starting at $29.95. Depending on what is wrong with the hearing aid and if it needs to be sent to the manufacturer, the cost can be as much as $299. The best advice is to book an appointment with one of our hearing professionals and see what is wrong first.

Loaner Hearing Aids

In the event, you have to send in your hearing aids for repair, rest assured we have you covered. We will send you out the door with a pair of our state-of-the-art hearing instruments so you don’t miss a word life has to offer you. Just another reason why patients love HG!

Hearing Aid Drying Tools available in our Online Shop

The two things that kill hearing aids the fastest are too much moisture and too much wax building up in the hearing aids. Don’t let these natural elements win, discover how you can fight back with our online tools.

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