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Hearing Group Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

Are your hearing aids not working quite right? If your hearing aids aren’t sounding as good as they used to, they won’t hold a charge or are burning through batteries, or they have visible damage, you should bring them to your local hearing professional. They might need to be sent to the manufacturer. A lot of hearing aid repairs can be done in-office though!

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Common Hearing Aid Repairs

In our offices, we see a lot of people who come in for repairs. Sometimes when your hearing aids aren’t working right it could be that they’re just plugged with wax and debris and need to be thoroughly cleaned. Your hearing professional is going to be able to get them cleaner in the office than you’ll be able to at home.

If cleaning the hearing aids doesn’t fix the issue, your hearing professional can take it from there. It could be possible that the microphone has gone out. We can usually tell by noting that the aid plays the start-up tune but isn’t amplifying sound after that. Another problem that we see often is excessive battery drain. You should typically get about seven days out of a battery. If you’re only getting one or two days, your hearing aid(s) is draining your batteries too fast and needs to be fixed.

Some overall sound problems that indicate a repair is needed could be the sound is weak, distorted, tinny, or staticky. It’s also possible for your hearing aid to just go dead. If that’s the case, your hearing professional will send it to the manufacturer, and they’ll get it repaired for you. One of the most common repairs we do in our office is change out the receiver. This could be because it’s physically broken or torn, or it could be that it’s not transmitting sound correctly anymore.

A very common killer of hearing aids is moisture. If your hearing aids get wet somehow, they might stop working and you’ll need to bring them in.

Hearing Aid Repairs at Hearing Group

If you live near a Hearing Group location, bring your hearing aids to us for all your repair needs! We offer affordable repair services, and we’ll get you taken care of as quickly as possible. The best part is, if we have to send your hearing aids off for repairs we’ll give you a loaner set! That way you don’t have to go without hearing until you get them back. To learn more check out our Hearing Aid Repair page.

Service Plans

If you’re in our gold service plan or platinum service plan, you’ll never have to worry about repair charges. Whether we fix it in-house or send it to the manufacturer, your repair costs are covered. If you’re not in an HG service plan, we still offer affordable repair rates. Check out our Silver Repair Plan to see what you’ll be paying if we have to send them in and the perks you’ll get with that. If we can do your repairs in the office, that starts at $29.95.