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Your Hearing

At Hearing Group, we care deeply about your hearing health. Understanding your hearing is key to finding the right solution. Our website offers a wealth of information on hearing loss. Explore our resources to learn about hearing solutions. When you’re ready, contact us to start improving your hearing.


Online Hearing Test
Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

For most people, hearing comes naturally, and we give it very little thought. That is until someone points out our struggle or we notice life is a little harder. With an estimated 48 million Americans suffering from hearing loss daily, this is a serious matter.

Learn more about hearing loss and what hearing solutions are available to you.

Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Once you suspect or identify you have hearing loss, the next step is getting your hearing tested. Hearing Group is here to help you with all your hearing solutions.

Check out our videos to learn all about a hearing test, how to read the test results, and the next steps involved with improving your hearing health.

Dementia and hearing loss

Dementia and Hearing Loss

Is it dementia or hearing loss? Find out more about how the symptoms of memory loss could actually be due to hearing loss.

Also, discover the link between hearing loss and dementia from a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Lin./p>

HMyths about hearing loss

Myths About Hearing Aids

Patients sometimes wait to get hearing help because they have inaccurate information about hearing aids and hearing solutions. In this article, you will discover the myths about hearing aids.

If you’re not enjoying life due to hearing problems but think hearing aids might not work for you, then this is a must-read.

Hearing loss in the work place

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Did you know that people in the workplace with hearing loss make less than those with normal hearing?

Find out how hearing loss in the workplace can affect your job. Unlock your full earning potential and learn about hearing health.