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Hearing Aid Reviews and Testimonials

Looking for a hearing aid is no easy task. There are so many things to take into consideration. Often the first thing we think of is, what have others experienced and what or who do they recommend. We are proud of our over 700+ Google Reviews but even more-so below you will find real hearing aid reviews and testimonials about their hearing aids and Hearing Group. Take a look around, see what patients are saying about their hearing aids and when you’re ready, let’s get you on the road to better hearing.

John Penn
22:08 05 Jun 21
Very fast shipping. Reasonably priced quality products.
heather bates
19:02 04 Jun 21
When I went to my appointment I was met by Tracy she was so outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable that it made you so comfortable an at ease. She also delivered on everything she had discussed with you an made sure when you received your hearing aids you are just as comfortable with them as she is an knows how they work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hearing test or aids or needs help.
Robert Carr
02:47 04 Jun 21
I have been going to Hearing Group for a long time now and I can not see myself going anywhere else and I will tell you why. #1. The employees, they are friendly and helpful to all my needs. #2. When ever I need some assistance they are right there to assist me. #3. When I need something, I do not need to wait a week or even make an appointment, they will work me in ASAP. #4 I do not get any run arounds. If you are in need of some ears, give these professionals a chance to help you. Happy Hearing, Bob
Ruthy Leake
22:35 03 Jun 21
Mike Riggs
12:41 03 Jun 21
Very happy with service I received from Jenny. Was glad I went to a local company. Will recommend to others
Loy Ruff
02:29 30 May 21
The Hearing Group is a great company to help with all Hearing needs ! Brandi is very knowledgeable about all their products. She is very polite and caring to all hearing aid users !!! I recommend The Hearing Group in Derby !!!
Betsy Stuart
20:44 29 May 21
My Sonic hearing aids came with a TV Adapter. I've enjoyed using it so much I ordered an additional one to take when I travel. It arrived within a few days of ordering. I would definitely order from Hearing Group again.
Judith Thompson
11:18 28 May 21
I am so happy to have located your online store. My Oticon Opn aids are past warranty and my local provider charges $175 for a replacement speaker wire. Research on youtube was helpful in showing easy steps for replacement, and finding the wire on your site for $45 was great! The item was well packaged and arrived within a few days. Most importantly it seems to work perfectly! Thank you! I will be a repeat customer.
Martha Counce
02:12 28 May 21
Jenny was very pleasant to deal with. She explained everything very carefully, yet was concise and seemed to enjoy her job. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their hearing.
Mark Kosec
01:20 28 May 21
I have had my hearing aids for 2 1/2 years, I recently had a major problem and Justine in Emporia really took care of my problem quickly and could not be happier with the service I received. She is fantastic!
Tammy Teel
13:26 27 May 21
I took a friend in to get aids. Not knowing anything about aids they answered all of my questions. They were very patient and kind. They noticed an inner ear problem, we made contact with an ear, nose and throat dr. Got that taken care of and he got his new aids. Ryian and Ashley are great! In Ponca City.
Clarence Long
22:32 20 May 21

How Hearing Aids Improved Alan’s Life

In this video, Alan Barton talks about his experience with Hearing Group and his hearing specialist. Alan has spent decades working in industries that often have negative effects on hearing health.

After 14 years in the oilfield, he got into the construction business as a general contractor, and he’s spent his whole life hunting and target shooting. Alan decided to get his hearing tested because he was struggling to communicate with his family, friends, customers, and colleagues. He got fitted with hearing aids, and now he’s able to easily communicate with people!

Hearing Aids Help Her Be A Better Teacher

Joyce teaches science and art classes to kids ages 4-12 at Leonardo’s Children’s Museum in Enid, Oklahoma. Before she got her Unitron hearing aids, she struggled to hear her students’ voices. She was unable to hear the kids unless they were looking at her when they spoke. She didn’t realize how much she was reading the kids’ lips until she got her hearing aids.

Now that Joyce is wearing hearing aids, she can hear her students all over the classroom, and they can communicate with her more easily. Joyce is also able to communicate more effectively with her husband and kids now.

PGA Golf Pro: Shares His Hearing Aid Review

Ken Roper has been a PGA Golf Professional for 55 years, and his new Unitron Moxi Jump Rechargeable hearing aids are helping him keep doing what he loves: play golf! In this video, Ken shares his hearing aid review and why he loves his new technology and coming to Hearing Group.

Ken has been a Hearing Group patient for about six years now, and he’s still loving HG! His hearing aids help him communicate with people better and stay involved with his friends on the golf course.

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