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Hearing Aid Reviews and Testimonials

Looking for a hearing aid is no easy task. There are so many things to take into consideration. Often the first thing we think of is, what have others experienced and what or who do they recommend. We are proud of our over 700+ Google Reviews but even more-so below you will find real hearing aid reviews and testimonials about their hearing aids and Hearing Group. Take a look around, see what patients are saying about their hearing aids and when you’re ready, let’s get you on the road to better hearing.

Chris Nicholson
12:58 18 Sep 21
Irma is fantastic, always helpful and goes the extra mile. I love that I chose Hearing Group in Wichita when I made the decision to have my hearing tested. I recommend them whenever anyone mentions their hearing needs. I trust them and their products.
Lee Durham
01:20 18 Sep 21
Great service!!!! I ordered on 9/15, shipped on 9/16, arrived in California on 9/17. Great, Great Service. Don't be afraid to purchase from them.
Richard Stapp
13:38 16 Sep 21
Excellent caring service
Joyce Williams
13:12 14 Sep 21
Ike's Repair
12:32 14 Sep 21
Kendra Spencer
19:02 04 Sep 21
I ordered a receiver and I received it within a few days of ordering. The product works great, I paid triple the amount for the same device at my doctor's office. I will share this website with my friends. I am very happy with my order. Thank you 😊
William B Llewellyn
03:32 01 Sep 21
Bob Malley
19:35 30 Aug 21
Super fast processing of order and the same with shipping, best price for the hearing aid wipes I bought also.
Robin Burdick
22:35 27 Aug 21
Alan Juhl
12:51 26 Aug 21
David Nash
01:32 22 Aug 21
What are the dimensions of the dry box inside. Can a bone conduction hearing aid on a headband fit inside to dry.
Don Cashman
17:26 20 Aug 21
What a difference Janet Colley has made for my hearing. Concern, listens and programs my hearing aid during annual visit. Made a big difference in my life.

How Hearing Aids Improved Alan’s Life

In this video, Alan Barton talks about his experience with Hearing Group and his hearing specialist. Alan has spent decades working in industries that often have negative effects on hearing health.

After 14 years in the oilfield, he got into the construction business as a general contractor, and he’s spent his whole life hunting and target shooting. Alan decided to get his hearing tested because he was struggling to communicate with his family, friends, customers, and colleagues. He got fitted with hearing aids, and now he’s able to easily communicate with people!

Hearing Aids Help Her Be A Better Teacher

Joyce teaches science and art classes to kids ages 4-12 at Leonardo’s Children’s Museum in Enid, Oklahoma. Before she got her Unitron hearing aids, she struggled to hear her students’ voices. She was unable to hear the kids unless they were looking at her when they spoke. She didn’t realize how much she was reading the kids’ lips until she got her hearing aids.

Now that Joyce is wearing hearing aids, she can hear her students all over the classroom, and they can communicate with her more easily. Joyce is also able to communicate more effectively with her husband and kids now.

PGA Golf Pro: Shares His Hearing Aid Review

Ken Roper has been a PGA Golf Professional for 55 years, and his new Unitron Moxi Jump Rechargeable hearing aids are helping him keep doing what he loves: play golf! In this video, Ken shares his hearing aid review and why he loves his new technology and coming to Hearing Group.

Ken has been a Hearing Group patient for about six years now, and he’s still loving HG! His hearing aids help him communicate with people better and stay involved with his friends on the golf course.

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