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Discover Moxi Fit Hearing Aid

About Moxi Fit

The Discover Moxi Fit hearing aid from Unitron delivers amazing sound quality as well as being jam-packed with features. The major difference between its sister Discover Jump is that it is not rechargeable. Besides that feature, you can count on the Discover Moxi Fit hearing aid to have the same high fidelity sound you expect and want.

It uses a traditional 312 battery that will typically last you 5-7 days, depending on the amount of use per day and the level of hearing loss. The Discover platform is especially known for its technology to stream your mobile phone directly to your hearing instruments. No middle device needed. In addition, it works with both Apple and Android phones, where most other manufacturers only stream directly to Apple phones.

TV Streaming

Watching TV has never been easier than with the Unitron Discover Hearing Aids paired with the TV Connector. When you connect the TV Connector to your television you will be able to stream your favorite shows directly to your hearing instruments. This gives you the best quality sound and the ability to understand. All you need to do is simply click the button on your instrument and you’re connected. When you’re done simply click the button again. The best part is, your family will now enjoy watching TV with you at the level they like it and so do you!

Say bye-bye to outside distractions and hello to a whole new world of enjoying TV again. Learn More.

Unitron TV Connector

Made for All Mobile Phones

You are going to love streaming your mobile phone conversations directly to your hearing aids, hands-free. Discover a whole new world of freedom when you can have the best conversations all without holding the phone to your ear or having your phone on speakerphone. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple iPhone or Android phone, you will stream your hearing aids directly, without an intermediate device.

Discover Moxi Fit Hearing Aid Colors
Discover Moxi Fit Platinum


Discover Moxi Fit Pewter Shine

Pewter Shine

Discover Moxi Fit Pewter


Discover Moxi Fit Espresso Boost

Espresso Boost

Discover Moxi Fit Espresso


Discover Moxi Fit CInnamon


Discover Moxi Fit Charcoal


Discover Moxi Fit Amber Suede

Amber Suede

Discover Moxi Fit Beige


Discover Moxi Fit Amber


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