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ReSound Wax Filters


Get your OEM ReSound Wax Filters here. They come in your 1-pack, 2-packs, and 4-packs. Each pack comes with eight filters. Fits the following ReSound Hearing Aids using the ReSound Sure Fit receivers:

  • Nexia
  • Omnia
  • Key
  • One
  • LiNX

These filters are from the manufacturer, ReSound. Each pack contains eight filters.

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ReSound Wax Filters

1 Pack, 2 Packs, 4 Packs


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FAQ’s About Wax Filters

How often should I change my hearing aid wax filter?

The frequency of changing your hearing aid wax filter depends on several factors, including your earwax production and the type of hearing aid you use. However, as a general guideline:

  1. Check Regularly: It’s essential to inspect your wax filter regularly, preferably every 1-2 weeks, to assess its condition. It may be time to change the filter if you notice any visible wax buildup or discoloration.
  2. Replace When Necessary: If your wax filter becomes clogged with earwax or debris, it can affect the performance of your hearing aid. In such cases, replace the wax filter promptly to maintain optimal sound quality.
  3. Individual Variation: Everyone’s earwax production varies, so you may need to adjust the frequency of changing your wax filter based on how often you build ear wax.
  4. Professional Guidance: Your audiologist or hearing care professional can provide personalized recommendations on how often you should change your wax filter based on your unique needs and circumstances.

By staying vigilant and replacing your wax filter as needed, you can ensure that your hearing aid continues to deliver precise and consistent sound quality.

Should I clean my hearing aid wax filter or just replace it?

This is a question we get often. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  1. Disposable Filters: Many modern hearing aids come with disposable wax filters designed to be replaced regularly. These filters are often small and delicate, making them difficult to clean effectively. If your hearing aid uses disposable filters, it’s typically best to replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Hygiene Considerations: Maintaining good hygiene is essential for preventing ear infections and ensuring the longevity of your hearing aid. If you’re unsure about the cleanliness of your wax filter or if it’s difficult to clean effectively, it’s generally safer to replace it.

Ultimately, it is easier to replace them.