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Sonic Soundgate 3

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Bring your hearing to a whole new level by adding the Sonic Soundgate 3 Bluetooth hearing aid streamer to your hearing system. This wireless technology enables you to connect to all your favorite devices, including your mobile phone, audio devices, TVs, and more.

Order the Sonic Soundgate 3 from Hearing Group and connect to the world around you with powerful Bluetooth technology. This small and compact Bluetooth hearing aid streamer can make phone calls and even has a hearing aid remote control.

Sonic Soundgate 3 Features and Highlights

  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • Can stream up to 4 hours before charging again
  • Can fully charge within 2 hours
  • Streaming range of 33 feet
  • It can be used as a remote control for volume
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Discover the Sonic Soundgate 3

The powerful Bluetooth technology of the Sonic Soundgate 3 enables you to connect to Sonic Innovations brand hearing aids through a range of devices. Enjoy binaural, full stereo quality streaming through Apple and Android phones, or virtually any Bluetooth-enabled audio device, including computers, TVs and MP3 players, etc.

Give us a call or visit your local hearing aid centers to learn more about hearing solutions and this Bluetooth hearing aid streamer.

Calls Made Easy

The Sonic Soundgate 3 may be small and compact, but this Bluetooth hearing aid streamer also includes a new integrated microphone for hands-free phone calls. That means it couldn’t be easier or more convenient to keep in touch with friends and family.

Keep It under Control

High-quality streaming capabilities aren’t the only function of this Bluetooth hearing aid streamer. The Sonic Soundgate 3 can also be used as a handheld remote control to remotely adjust your hearing aid volume and program settings to different listening situations.

Please note: The Streamer needs to be connected through fitting software with your local hearing professional even if you purchase a replacement.

View and Download Manual.

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  1. Vernon Barker

    i have had my soundgate 3 for 2 years and i would not be without it it is the best thing i would not be with out soundgate 3′ i would say try it you will love it .

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What Is the Sonic SoundGate 3?

The Sonic SoundGate 3 allows you to stream audio wirelessly between your hearing aids and a wide range of audio devices via Bluetooth.

Which Sonic Hearing Aids Are Compatible with the Sonic Soundgate 3?

The Sonic Soundgate 3 is compatible with the following hearing aids and accessories:

  • Celebrate
  • Cheer
  • Journey
  • Bliss
  • Charm
  • TV Adaptor 2
  • Phone Adaptor 2
How Do I Connect My SoundGate 3?
  1. Prepare your Bluetooth device for pairing and set the Sonic Soundgate 3 into pairing mode.
  2. Press and hold the power key of the Sonic Soundgate 3 until the LED indicator flashes rapidly blue.
  3. When your Bluetooth device locates the Sonic Soundgate 3, “Soundgate 3” will appear on display. Select this option from your device menu and, when prompted, enter the pin code “0000”.
  4. If this fails, please refer to the manual of your Bluetooth device for specific instructions.
How Long Does the Battery Charge Last on the Sonic Soundgate 3?

The Sonic Soundgate 3 can stream for up to 4 hours on a single charge.