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Widex SoundConnect


The Widex SoundConnect is the perfect solution for streaming from your PC or laptop directly to your hearing aids.

  • Small and Easy to use
  • Connects into a USB port
  • High quality stereo sound
  • Plug and play install
  • Range up to 26 feet
  • Volume control via the Widex app or through your PC

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Are you looking for a solution to stream from your PC or laptop to your Widex Bluetooth enabled hearing aids? The Widex SoundConnect is the perfect solution for you.  It is easy and hassle free. Simply plug and play. Whether you are in a virtual meeting, answering calls and simply watching your favorite videos or listening your greatest hits, the Widex SoundConnect has you covered.


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FAQ’s about the Widex SoundConnect

What hearing aids does the SoundConnect work with?

The Widex SoundConnect device will work with Widex Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. It is not compatible with other brands.

How does the SoundConnect work?

The SoundConnect is easy to install and start using. Simply, insert into the USB slot on your computer and it will automatically install. It will stream to both hearing aids.

Help connecting my hearing aids to Widex SoundConnect?

Most generally the Widex SoundConnect is simply a plug and play solution. If you need more help then you can visit the manufacturers site for more detailed information. You can find the link below.


What microphone is in use when video chatting or answering phone calls via my PC?

It is important to note that the default microphone is always from your computer.  While you may be able to hear what is being said, upto 26 feet away, you will need to be at the computer in order for the people on the other end can hear you.