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5 Everyday Noises That Can Cause Hearing Loss

5 Everyday Noises That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Many factors can lead to hearing loss — genetics, disease, age, certain medications, and loud noises. When most people think of loud noises that can cause hearing loss, they think of explosions or heavy machinery. Still, many everyday noises and sounds can damage your hearing and eventually cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Noise-induced hearing loss is a relatively common form of hearing loss, with around 40 million adults aged 20-69 years suffering from it. It occurs when exposed to a loud and constant noise that damages your hearing and auditory system. In this post, our experts at Hearing Group explore five everyday noises that can cause hearing loss so that you can learn to look after your hearing health.



We all like being absorbed in our favorite music but turning the volume up too loud can have severe consequences to your hearing health. The World Health Organization estimates that 50% of all people between the ages of 12 and 35 are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from their headphones.

When listening to music at full volume, your headphones can deliver sounds of anywhere between 94 and 110 decibels (dB). This is worrying when you consider that NIHL can occur when exposed to 70 dB or above noise levels for extended periods.


A Live Concert

What is better than jamming to your favorite songs in your room or at a live concert? However, festivals and concerts can be seriously damaging to your hearing health — that ringing in your ears you may experience on exiting can be a warning sign. Not surprisingly, concerts and live events can reach around 110 dB, enough to cause hearing loss over time.


Firework Displays

We all enjoy celebrating, and what better way to do so than with a fireworks display. Every year worldwide, people celebrate some of the biggest events with a spectacular display. However, the next time you prepare to set off some rockets, make sure you look after your hearing with some form of protection. The high-pitched noise, loud squeals, and gunshot-like bangs of fireworks can produce noise levels of up to 150 dB, which can undoubtedly lead to an ear injury, pain, and irreversible hearing loss.



The roar of the engine, the wind in your hair — it is clear to see why many people love two wheels. However, it is important to remember that louder motorbikes can cause noise-induced hearing loss if you aren’t careful. Motorbike engines can deliver noise levels of around 95 dB, potentially damaging your hearing after about 50 minutes of exposure.


Lawnmowers and Leaf blowers

If you are a proud homeowner, you might own your own gas-powered leaf blower or lawnmower. These pieces of standard garden equipment might sound harmless, but they can deliver noise levels of 80-85 dB. This can potentially cause hearing damage after two hours of exposure.

Although you can’t avoid some forms of hearing loss, it is important to do what you can to look after your hearing health. Many everyday noises and products can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, so always pay extra close attention to your environment and your hearing health.

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