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What is the Best Hearing Aid?

Trying to decide on what the best hearing aid is?

Trying to decide which is the best hearing aid on the market is hard. Then trying to find the best hearing aid for you and your lifestyle is even harder. Who knew there would be so many manufacturers, then so many different technology levels inside each of them? That is not to mention all the different models they come in as well. With so many choices how do you decide which hearing aid is best for you?

To begin with, there are several factors that play into your decision. Three of the most important factors to consider is your hearing loss, style of hearing aid, and your lifestyle.

Hearing Loss:

This is no doubt hearing loss is the biggest component to factor into your decision. Everyone’s hearing loss if different to some degree or another. With that in mind, you will need the proper amount of amplification for your hearing needs. This allows you to gain clarity so you can engage in conversation. That can be taxing on the brain. Your hearing professional will make sure you get the proper amount of amplification. This is the first step in deciding which is the best hearing aid for you.

Hearing Aid Style:

Choosing a style is extremely important. Can you handle the shape of the hearing instrument? If you have good dexterity then you have a lot of options before you. One of the most popular styles of hearing instruments fit within the industry is the RIC (receiver in the canal) style. The RIC instruments today allow so much flexibility in power, comfort, and cosmetics. You will hardly even know you are wearing it. Even better than that, your family and friends will hardly notice unless you point it out to them. At Hearing Group the ratio of fittings is close to 90% RIC products and 10% BTE (behind the ear) or Custom ITE’s (in the ear) products. As with your hearing loss, your hearing professional can help you with the proper fit and shape for your specific ear.


Ranking right up there with your hearing loss is your lifestyle. This is so important! Why may you ask? Traditionally you go into a hearing clinic to receive a hearing test. After you are tested, you engage in a conversation with the hearing professional about which is the best hearing aid for you. This often comes with many years of experience depending on the professional. The recommendation can oftentimes cost upwards of $7500 plus for a pair. This is no doubt a great deal of money for most people. Along with the price tag often comes the question, is that the best hearing aid for me? Even though the answer may be yes, in the back of your mind you may be questioning if it is. How do you know? The process oftentimes can make you feel like you are being sold rather than fit by a method.

Scoring System:

Hearing Group has developed a program to target the technology best for each patient’s lifestyle. There is no sense in buying technology that may be more than what a person may need and vice versa. This process is called the “Lifestyle Assessment Scoring System”. The scoring system takes into consideration several factors: your age, desires, if you are still working, and of course, your specific lifestyle when it comes to conversation environments, then it’s algorithm calculates a score that you can then match up to technology that Hearing Group has rated. Matching your lifestyle to technology just makes sense. The feedback from the patients reveals the scoring system to be right on target with their hearing needs. How refreshing it is to have a process you can trust and depend on when trying to decide what is the best hearing aid for you.

If you have not already, you need to experience it for yourself. Contact any of the Hearing Group locations to find out your Lifestyle Score so you can see which technology is recommended for your lifestyle.