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Hearing Aid Friendly Face Masks

Hearing Aid Friendly Face Masks

UPDATE: We’ve heard your cries – we’ve added a new design to our website! We’re now offering two versions of our popular hearing aid-friendly mask without any logos. Get it in grey or pink, only from our online store: And don’t forget, we also offer a customizable option!

Face masks are a standard requirement almost everywhere during the pandemic. However, wearing a traditional face mask that goes around your ear can come with its fair share of issues for hearing aid users. Many patients have been on the hunt for a hearing-aid-friendly mask.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, hearing aid wearers all over the world have been losing their hearing aids. This happens because the aids get tangled up in the strap of a typical face mask that wraps around the ear. When the patient attempts to remove their mask sometimes it becomes entangled around the hearing aid that sits behind the ear and then gets flung out of the ear to the ground. It can happen so fast that sometimes hearing aid users might not even notice they are gone until it is too late.

With hearing aids costing an average of $4,000 for a pair and upwards of $7,000 or more; it can really put a hurt on the pocketbook to replace them.

We have seen the effects on our patients and decided to do something about it! First, we started by looking for a solution online that someone can purchase with no success. So we put our thinking caps on and created what we believe to be the best hearing aid-friendly face mask for hearing aid users.

Hearing Aid Friendly Mask Design & Options

Our hearing aid-friendly mask only uses one strap that fits around the crown of the head instead of wrapping around the ears. This design keeps the mask away from hearing aids that are worn over the ears. It is form fitting to snug around the chin. In addition, the strap is adjustable from both sides for comfort. It is made with three layers of fabric: one outer polyester layer, and two cotton layers.

For patients that wear glasses, the mask also features a metal-forming nose piece that is durable and comfortable. It can be washed on a delicate cycle for cleaning and easily worn again and again.

The hearing aid-friendly mask comes in adult and child sizes. An additional option is our custom hearing aid-friendly face mask that can be custom made with your name or your child’s name on the mask. This is great in the event your child needs several masks for school. It makes it easy for each child to keep track of their own and not mixing it with other students. Custom masks must be purchased in lots of 2 or more. Take a look at our masks.

If you wear hearing aids that fit over the ear – this hearing aid-friendly face mask is a must. Don’t take the chance of losing your precious investment, do yourself a favor, and give it a try. Check out our video to see for yourself how the mask fits!

Grey Diamond Hearing Aid Friendly Mask

Plain grey hearing aid friendly mask

Pink Diamond Hearing Aid Friendly Mask

Plain pink hearing aid friendly mask