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Hearing Aid Office Stillwater, Oklahoma

There is a New Hearing Aid Office Stillwater

Under the direction of Ryian Crenshaw, Hearing Group and Crenshaw have launched a new Hearing Aid office in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The primary focus in the Stillwater location will be offering free hearing tests and finding solutions for the patients’ loss. Hearing Group of Stillwater is participating in the Test Drive program, an initiative launched to help people hear what better is like before they purchase. This allows patients to wear hearing aids in their home environment, workplace, and social events as well or where they spend their time.

Your hearing is important

Sounds are an important part of our lives and well being, are you hearing them? Whether it’s the giggling of grandchildren or a favorite song, the sound is what connects us to people. Cases of hearing loss are on the rise, affecting more than 1 out of 10 Americans. What’s behind the increase? The aging of our population is the primary reason. As we grow older we naturally lose our hearing and hearing loss related to aging is not reversible but there are steps you can take to prevent it.

Don’t put off your hearing loss

So ask yourself, do you have a parent, grandparent, spouse, or friend affected by hearing loss? There are steps you can take to help and they will thank you for it. Have a conversation with your loved one and gently suggesting getting a professional assessment of their hearing loss and discussing improvement options. Hearing Group is way more than a hearing aid retailer. In addition, we do our best to offer the very best in patient care and hearing instruments on the market today. Patients today have access to lots of information. They are looking for solutions that fit their lifestyles. As a result, our Lifestyle Guide will help the patient get the appropriate hearing aids to best fit their lives.

How to get hearing help
Call us at (405) 332-4323 and visit us at our new location – 602 S. West St. Suite C., Stillwater, OK to learn more about hearing loss as well as how to prevent loss and learn new options to improve hearing, you will be happy you did. Want to learn more about the HG office in Stillwater? Check out the Stillwater location page.