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Hearing Group gets recommendation from Sonic

Joseph A. Lugara

President and Chief Operating Officer

Sonic, Inc.

2501 Cottontail Lane

Somerset, NJ 08873

Sonic’s Joseph Lugara

Joe Lugara joined Sonic, Inc. as Global President and Chief Operating Officer on November 10, 2010. During his time with them, he has built up Sonic to be one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry.

As President & COO, Joe is in charge of business execution, financial results, operational performance, and the development and growth plan for Sonic.

Joe has been involved in all parts of the hearing aid industry for 40 years. He has worked with two of the leading manufacturers. Furthermore, Joe has played a large role in managing their sales and operational areas. In addition to this, Joe has led to several business turnaround projects.

Also, Joe has played a large role in the growth of the industry and has always kept a strong relationship with retail hearing professionals nationwide to understand the challenges they face in today’s marketplace. Working with these people has led him to gain an understanding of their challenges and then work to get them the products, tools, and services to help them keep their patients happy. Joe is a graduate of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ where he earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing.

The Take on Hearing Group

Joe made a trip to visit Hearing Group in Wichita, KS. Joe says both what he saw and the educating he was a part of was amazing. Hearing Group is paving the way for transparency and ease of purchasing a hearing solution, Joe said. Furthermore, Joe has traveled and visited hundreds of practices around the world and he can honestly say, Hearing Group is way out ahead of the curve in creating the ultimate patient experience. f you have not already, Joe recommends you stop by any of the Hearing Group practices to experience it for yourself.