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Improve Family Communication by Treating Hearing Loss

You can improve family communication by treating hearing loss. With Father’s Day less than two weeks away, do you know what you’re getting your dad? What can you give him to show him that you appreciate the impact he has on your life? Family plays an important role in our lives. Father’s Day is a perfect time to acknowledge the love and support you’ve received from your family over the years. This year, improve family communication to show Dad you care.

Noticing the Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the top chronic health problems in the U.S., affecting nearly 40 million Americans. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 has hearing loss. Half of all seniors over 75 are struggling to hear! Dads are even more at risk due to the fact that 40 years ago, many men were working in very noisy jobs. Things like construction, farming, or manufacturing. Therefore they are much more likely to experience the effects of noise-induced hearing loss.

Does your father struggle to follow conversations? Does he often ask you to repeat yourself, or complain that the kids are mumbling? Maybe he doesn’t always pick up the phone when you call, and later doesn’t remember that you even tried. While you could chalk it up to forgetfulness, it’s more likely he didn’t even hear the phone ringing in the first place. Another common sign of hearing loss is turning up the TV volume far too loud. Sometimes he may not hear someone speaking if that person is behind him. If your dad is showing any of these signs, then Father’s Day is the perfect time to start a conversation about hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Communication

If your dad has hearing loss, you are probably noticing how it’s interfering with communication. When it’s just the two of you, he seems to follow conversations, and you can still connect like you used to. But around the dinner table, it’s a different story altogether. He seems easily confused, doesn’t laugh at the right times, and answers inappropriately. Your children aren’t connecting with their grandpa like they used to, because he can’t seem to keep up with their exciting stories about their day or their friends at school.

Hearing loss deals a huge blow to clear communication, affecting your ability to have a good conversation. As your father’s hearing deteriorates, even one-on-one conversations will start to become harder. You’ll have to repeat yourself more and more often. Sometimes it feels like your dad doesn’t understand anything at all. He just nods his head because he doesn’t want to ask you to repeat yourself for the third time.

Talk About Hearing Loss

This Father’s Day, take the opportunity to talk to your dad about hearing loss. Tell him how much you appreciate him and all the things he’s taught you over the years and let him know you’re not willing to sacrifice family communication just yet.

Before you are going to have that conversation, get some specific information about hearing aids he might like, and show him pictures of modern hearing devices. They’re sleek, sophisticated devices, and nothing like the clunky hearing aids he might be imagining. He has several styles to choose from, from small behind-the-ear devices to tiny completely-in-the-canal options that sit in the ear canal and are barely noticeable.

With advanced programs and settings to fit any lifestyle, your dad is sure to find the perfect hearing aid that will help him hear out on the golf course, with friends at the local coffee shop, or with your family during Father’s Day dinner.

Visit Us at Hearing Group

At Hearing Group, we know that family communication is extremely important. Keeping family relationships strong leads to higher activity levels, better overall health, higher quality of life, and increased happiness. Improving family communication is great for your kids too, allowing them to get to know their grandfather more.

This Father’s Day, ask your dad to get his hearing tested, and visit us for a thorough hearing assessment. We know your dad will like the coffee grinder you bought him last week, but the best gift you could give him this month is the gift of clear hearing. If you hurry, he might even have his brand-new devices before Father’s Day!