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Sony Launches OTC Hearing Aids

On Oct. 12, 2022, Sony Electronics announced the launch of its new OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids. This comes as the FDA clarifies the parameters for all Americans to have access to hearing help starting this month. As many Americans felt that hearing instruments needed to be more accessible, Sony heard the call and responded with their new OTC hearing aid options.

Sony’s first release is their CRE-C10 hearing aid, pictured above. According to Sony, these hearing aids are packed with intuitive technology to help the consumer not only learn how to use them but much more. As an example, the companion app gives the user the ability to screen their hearing so the hearing aids will conform to their hearing loss. This allows the end user to fit themselves at home without the help of an audiologist in a traditional practice. To learn more if OTC hearing aids are right for you check out the article, “What Are OTC Hearing Aids”.

In addition, Sony has designed these hearing aids to work together as a pair rather than just individual devices with the purpose of a more comfortable and smarter listening experience.

Sony Electronics has been long known for its exceptional quality in audio and video. Sony has partnered with WS Audiology for the making of these premium OTC hearing instruments. WS Audiology has a rich history of helping the hearing-impaired community for more than 100 years. With these two leading companies, it will be interesting to see if they can move the market with their latest technology.

The Sony CRE-C10 is set to launch at a cost of $999.99 for the pair. It will highlight features like:

  • Virtually Invisible Design
  • Bluetooth capable with iOS
  • Personalized to your hearing based on app assessment
  • FDA-cleared medical device
  • Flexible tips for comfort
  • Wirelessy linked ear-to-ear to improve noise reduction
  • Powered by size 10 hearing aid battery
  • Battery power  expected to last up to 70 hours of continuous use
  • Made for Mild to Moderate loss only

This is the first of two OTC hearing aid options that Sony will release. Orders for the CRE-C10 hearing aids will start on Oct. 17, 2022. The next OTC hearing aid option will be the CRE-E10 hearing aid which will come in at a price point of $1299.99. Learn more about the CRE-E10 here.

These OTC hearing aids will be available directly from Sony and selected hearing care professionals. If this sounds like something you think is right for you, you can learn more on our hearing group website coming soon.