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Studies on Hearing Loss & Injuries

Hearing loss is an issue that affects millions of people and there are various causes that some might not have considered. This article is going to highlight a few of the symptoms associated with hearing loss, certain causes, possible treatments, and the benefits of these treatments.

How Do You Know If You Suffer from Hearing Loss?

If you are starting to notice issues with your hearing, just know that you are not alone. One in seven adults suffers from some form of hearing impairment, so it’s important to book a hearing test with your doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms. It might not be cause for concern, but it’s worth it to get examined in the event the issue gets worse.

There Are Many Causes for Hearing Impairment

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when you’re regularly exposed to a noisy environment. Despite employers having a legal obligation to protect your hearing, it is possible that working in construction, a bar or club, or printing press contributes to hearing loss. Diseases and infections are another common cause of impairment, although it might not affect you right away. When your ear itches or needs cleaning, you’re tempted to use something to fix that, however, doctors suggest avoiding doing so as that causes the spread of infection, possibly leading to damage to the ear canal, thus causing future hearing issues.

If you do some of the following, you could potentially have a hearing problem:

  • When people speak, it sounds like they’re mumbling

One of the more common symptoms of hearing loss is struggling to hear or understand what others are saying, despite the other person speaking clearly. With age, our hearing is prone to deteriorate, so it is possible to have developed a problem without realizing it. If the people around you sound like they’re whispering or muffled, you could need a hearing aid. The good thing about modern-day hearing aids is that they are very discreet and hardly noticeable.

  • You avoid being social

If you tend to make excuses to avoid being social because of your hearing, it’s vital that you schedule an appointment at your local hearing center. A hearing specialist will help you address your problems. They will examine your ears to get down to the root of the problem. First, they will take a look at your outer ear to determine how efficiently your ears respond to different frequencies. When your results are available, the specialist will discuss your options, if needed.

  • You remove yourself from conversations

Do you fear talking to your friends due to the possibility of missing something important? If so, you could be suffering from a loss of hearing. Nerve damage to the ear does make exchanging conversation difficult, so have an exam as soon as possible. An Audiologist will ask you a series of questions about your lifestyle and have you fitted for a hearing device. When you live in a world of silence, it can feel lonely. The good news is, a hearing aid can really assist you and give you the much-needed confidence to socialize.

  • You always need to turn the volume up on the TV

Always needing to turn up the volume on your television or radio is a classic symptom of hearing loss. Maybe you had an older relative who was guilty of doing the same thing. You never it could one day be you, having the same problem. Are family members or friends constantly telling you to turn the volume down? If so, you need to make an appointment with your doctor.


You might be embarrassed by this ailment, but there is no reason to be. Millions suffer from hearing loss. There are a number of treatments to either remedy the problem or make it easier to live with. You can’t avoid age-related hearing loss completely, but you can stop it from affecting your quality of living. Whether you decide on a hearing aid, or if you’re suffering from more significant damage that requires surgery, seeking treatment as soon as possible gives you the best chance of getting back to enjoying your life. Everyone deserves the blessing of being able to hear those around them, so don’t hesitate in getting the help you need!