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Discover Jump Hearing Aids

A New World with Unitron “Discover Jump” Hearing Aids

A new world of better hearing is yours to explore with the latest technology: Discover Jump Rechargeable Hearing Aids. These hearing instruments use Unitron’s latest Discover platform. From the first fit of your hearing aids, this technology will amaze you with clarity, discreet design, and advanced technology options.

Discover Advanced Platform Technology

If you are looking for the latest in hearing aid design and features, the Discover Jump will prove to be a perfect fit for you. Noteworthy features include the Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, on-the-go charging options, and built-in dehumidification. Also, you will notice the unbelievable sound quality. In addition, you have the ability to stream from your televisions, tablets, and phones. This includes both iPhone and Android devices. And, it goes to both ears at the same time. You will easily be able to see why the Unitron Discover Jump Hearing Aids are proving to be the top hearing instruments on the market today. In addition, one of the best features is the ability to help hear the conversation better in whatever your lifestyle may throw you. After all, that is the number one reason we get hearing aids.

Lithium-Ion Rechargeability

Do you have poor feeling in your fingers or trouble gripping, pinching, and twisting items with your hands? Manipulating small things can be difficult when you struggle with decreased feeling in your hands and fingers. Hearing aid batteries come in varying sizes but they are all relatively small. As a result, the batteries can be hard to change for those experiencing this kind of difficulty. Consequently, with the Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries featured in the Unitron Discover Jump Hearing Aids, this issue is eliminated. With this technology, a charging station is a solution – no more fumbling with tiny batteries! All you do is place your hearing instruments in the charger at night. They are all charged up ready to go in the morning.

Streaming Phone Calls and TV

You will enjoy hearing conversations all day and even be able to stream your favorite music, ebooks, videos and more. Also, you can enjoy watching TV in a whole new way! You can have the TV played right into your ears through the hearing aids. So with this technology, you can be completely hands-free.

Flexibility – Hearing Aids That Can Fit Your Hearing Loss and Your Budget

Have you been searching for flexibility in price and technology, based on your financial and hearing needs? For that reason, the Unitron Discover Jump hearing aids provide just that – flexibility based on your specific needs. The Discover platform has multiple levels. This means you have the option to choose the right level of technology to meet your hearing loss needs. But it also means you can choose your technology level based on your budget.

Log-It-All Technology

No doubt the Log-It-All technology helps you choose the right level for you. Log-It-All keeps track of the environments you are in. With evidence-based feedback, you now have the smart way to decide which technology is right for your lifestyle. Another great thing is, if you decide later that you need more help, you can always upgrade the technology level! This is just one more awesome feature the Discover Jump has to meet your needs.

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