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Unitron Moxi Fit R, now Stylish and Rechargeable

About Moxi Fit R

The time has come for a truly revolutionary rechargeable solution. Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument, bringing ultimate flexibility to the award-winning design. And because sometimes life requires a backup plan, patients can swap the rechargeable battery cells with traditional zinc-air batteries at any time, so they never miss a conversation.

This fully-featured hearing instrument is the simplest to use, featuring a telecoil and push-button for ultimate control. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Moxi Fit R is available on Tempus, our new platform that is the best in conversations. It wraps rechargeable convenience in our award-winning design. The development of this product kept the patient’s needs at its core. So you get a powerful solution for giving patients even more of the things they want.

Schedule an appointment for a Test Drive of the new Tempus platform and see for yourself how good it is.