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What to Ask Your Hearing Aid Specialist

Coming to terms with your hearing loss isn’t easy. Chances are you’ve put off going to the hearing aid clinic for as long as you could. In that time, you probably got used to living with hearing loss. Wearing a hearing aid can feel overwhelming at first. It’s a big change and you’re hearing new sounds or even old sounds – they’re just sharper now. If you’re feeling nervous about taking that step to better hearing, take a look at the questions below. Asking these questions to your hearing aid professional could help put your mind at ease.

What Can I Expect with My New Hearing Aid?

Depending on how severe your hearing loss is, normal sounds may seem loud. You might be sensitive to day-to-day sounds and noise levels. Your hearing professional can give you other expectations with your new hearing aid.


What Does Wearing a Hearing Aid Feel Like?

Just like wearing glasses or new shoes, a hearing aid will take a little getting used to. It may feel strange at first – putting something in or around your ear, hearing sounds at a different level, processing sounds in a different way. Your hearing aid specialist should be able to explain what it would feel like.


What should I expect after that?

With all change, it’s important to remember that this could take time. But getting an idea of what to expect when this becomes normal could be helpful and ease some fear.


What Advice Should I Give My Friends and Family?

Some of your loved ones will be anxious to help, but they may not necessarily know what to do. Asking for advice from your friends and family can be helpful.


Do You Have Any Other Advice?

Your hearing aid specialist might be able to give you a few tips and tricks they’ve learned. It could be something like an easy way to get your hearing aid in your ear, the best way to clean it, or just general care.


If you have any other questions that weren’t covered in this, don’t be afraid to ask. The professionals at Hearing Group are here to help you.