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Sonic Captivate Hearing Aid Review

Sonic Captivate Hearing Aid Review

Patients will often ask what the best hearing aid is. While that’s difficult to say definitively because there are a lot of factors that determine whether a hearing aid is right for a person, a Hearing Group favorite is the Sonic Captivate

Technology Levels

The Sonic Captivate comes in five different levels of technology: starting at the Captivate 100, which is geared toward a really active listening lifestyle and tapering down from there with an 80, 60, 40, and 20. The 20 is made for a more sedentary, quiet lifestyle, for people who aren’t in very noisy environments often.  

The Captivate has a lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable. The battery will not only last for several years but also last for the entire day no matter how much the wearer is using the hearing aid for streaming and listening. There are no tiny batteries to change, you just place the hearing aid into its charging port every night and it’s good to go the next morning.

The Sonic Captivate also comes in a couple of different styles. The most popular style is the miniRITE, also known as a RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing aid. With the RIC style, the hearing aid sits behind the ear and has a little wire (the receiver) that goes down into the ear. The other style the Captivate comes in is the BTE (Behind the Ear). This style also sits behind the ear. It’s slightly larger than the miniRITE because it’s made for people with a more profound hearing loss, but still small and comfortable. With the BTE, you’ll have a tube fitting and an earmold.


The dual-microphone system is a great feature on the Sonic Captivate hearing aid line: one microphone points forward and the other points behind you. The hearing aid can actually turn down the background noise and enhance whoever’s in front of the user, making communication easy. This system is really helpful in situations with a lot of background noise and those kinds of tough listening environments.

Smart Compress is another one of our favorite features on the Sonic Captivate. Smart Compress compresses background noise to provide a more natural listening environment for the wearer. This feature is great for people who live more active lifestyles and are often in situations with background noise. Smart Compress is only available with 60, 80, or 100 technology levels, and the reason for that is that if you’re in a more quiet, less active lifestyle, you’re not in background noise a lot so you don’t need the Smart Compress feature as much.

A feature that’s available in all levels of technology is the Advanced Feedback Canceler. This is a two-in-one system that helps eliminate feedback (the whistling that can sometimes occur) from the hearing aids.

Made for iPhone Features

This hearing aid is made for up to 14 different listening environments, so it will automatically adjust when you go into another environment. So whether you’re sitting at home talking to your spouse or trying to listen in a noisy restaurant, the Captivate allows the user to hear as well as possible all the time. 

The Captivate is made for iPhone, so it allows you to connect your iPhone and hear through your hearing aids. If you’re driving down the road and your phone starts to ring, you can click the answer on your phone and then talk on your hearing aid! So you’ll be hands-free and able to hear the conversation through both ears.

The Captivate is a discreet hearing aid packed with features that will make your hearing aid experience amazing. These features and so much more are available with the Sonic Captivate, so visit a local provider today and ask if the Captivate might be right for you! And don’t forget to check out our video on the Sonic Captivate here.