Captivate Hearing Aid

Sonic Captivate

The Captivate hearing aid comes in a variety of colors to match your style!

Sonic Captivate Hearing Aid Review

The all-new technology from Sonic offers the best features in today’s busy world. With its SPIN technology that is constantly changing to the surroundings, you are bound to get the best possible hearing.

Watch the video with Ryian as she educates us on all the features she loves about the Captivate hearing aid.

Features We Love


With a Sonic Captivate Hearing Aid life sounds natural. Captivate offers easier listening and clear detailed sound. It is smart enough to recognize and cancel feedback sounds to avoid whistling in your ears. In addition, it is always listening for background noise, bringing the sounds you want to hear to the foreground and easing the brain from the sounds that it finds annoying.

The Captivate hearing aid uses Sound DNA to help with speech understanding. How does it work? It separates speech from background noise automatically with up to 14 different automatic environments to keep conversations clear even in noisy situations. With many environments, it is sure to give you the best possible experience.

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Captivate MiniRite Recharge Hearing Aid

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology


In today’s fast-paced world we are always on the go. We are always looking for another way to make life easier. Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery technology sets you free from changing those small batteries that other traditional hearing aids have. Simply drop them in the charger at night and they are ready to go for all-day listening the next morning.

The Captivate miniRITE T R allows a full charge in just 3 hours of charging. 1 hour of charging gives you 50% and a quick 30-minute charge will give you a 25% charge. Say bye-bye batteries and hello to a whole new world of freedom!

Captivate Styles

Sonic Captivate MiniRite Hearing Aid


Small and Sleek, packed full of technology.

Captivate miniRITE with T coil


Telecoil helps you hear better in Meetings and Theaters.

Captivate MiniRITE T R

MiniRITE T Rechargeable

Telecoil helps you hear better in Meetings and Theaters plus Lithium-Ion Rechargeable.

Captivate BTE

BTE 105

When you need plenty of power to help you hear conversations.

Accessory Options

Sonic Sound Clip-A

Sound Clip-A

helps patients hear sounds in stereo.

Sonic TV Adaptor

TV Adaptor

Stream your favorite shows in stereo.

Sonic RC-A Remote Control

RC-A Remote Control

Control your hearing aids remotely.

Sonic App

Sonic Phone App

Discover even more flexibility with the Sonic Phone App.

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