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Sonic Radiant Hearing Aid Review

Sonic Radiant Hearing Aid Review

Clear, brilliant sound is what you can expect from the new Sonic Radiant hearing aid. This is the first hearing instrument that was built on the Sonic Extend technology platform. It has intelligent, integrated technology to quickly find, filter and fine-tune sounds within your environment. It also decreases the background noise and amplifies speech – keeping conversations in focus so that you can hear the conversations that actually matter. The Radiant is the newest hearing aid technology from Sonic Innovations.

In the video below, Hearing Group’s Jenny Grittman, HIS, gives her review of the Sonic Radiant hearing aids.

Sonic Radiant Features

This hearing aid uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which means you have the freedom of being battery free. You don’t have to worry about carrying batteries with you all the time and replacing them once a week. This just requires a simple charge every night. Three hours on the charger is all you need to get a full day’s use.

The new Sonic Radiant hearing aid connects to both iPhone and Android devices. It’s a direct connect hearing aid, so you don’t need any other devices to stream your favorite sounds, music or phone calls.

The Sonic Radiant comes in three different technology levels, starting at 60, then 80, then up to 100. 60 will be your more basic, casual lifestyle hearing aid. The 100 technology will be for the most active lifestyles, someone who gets out and is involved in crowds, meetings, the outdoors – a truly active lifestyle.

This new hearing aid is equipped with a dual-microphone system. With the forward-facing and rear-facing microphones, the hearing aids are able to increase speech and reduce background noise. The forward-facing microphone will be picking up the speech that’s happening in front of you. Meanwhile, the rear-facing microphone is picking up the speech and background noise that’s happening behind you. Then they’re able to make the adjustments needed to make sure you’re hearing the conversation that’s happening in front of you more clearly than all the background noise that’s happening behind you.

Bluetooth Capable, Digital Hearing Aid and Hearing Aid App Features

One of the best features on this hearing aid is the ability to do remote adjustments. We understand that we’re living in different times right now with the COVID-19 pandemic and not everyone feels comfortable coming into the office. Even if you are comfortable coming in, if you’re at home sick or just not feeling like getting out, but you need that adjustment done, we have the option to adjust your hearing aids remotely without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

There are two apps that go along with the Sonic Radiant hearing aids. The first one allows you to make adjustments to your hearing aids yourself. In the SoundLink 2 app, you can increase and decrease the volume of your hearing aids or completely mute them. You can adjust the low, mid and high frequencies while streaming. You can check your battery status, switch between programs, and so much more!

The second app (SoundLink Connect) will allow us, the hearing care professional, to do those remote adjustments to your hearing aids. When you come in, we will help you get both apps set up on your phone and help you figure out how to navigate and use them. You are going to LOVE the remote adjustment feature!

Hearing Aid Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction

With the Sonic Radiant hearing aids on the Extend platform, they have really focused in on reducing background noise and enhancing speech. This is a truly advanced technology that not all hearing aid manufacturers have not yet provided. You’re really going to notice the difference with the speech enhancement and noise reduction feature.

Make sure to contact your local hearing care professional to see if the Sonic Radiant hearing aids are right for you. If you’re near a Hearing Group location, come in and try them out at no cost to you!