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Unitron Hearing Aid TV Connector

Unitron Hearing Aid TV Connector

Watching television can be quite difficult for people with hearing loss – even with hearing aids, but this TV connector can make a huge difference. Learn more in the video below and click here to get yours from our online store!

Do You Need a TV Connector?

One telltale sign that someone is struggling with hearing loss is turning the TV up louder and louder. If you have hearing loss, when you sit down on the couch at night to watch TV with your husband or wife, you’ve probably found that it can be difficult. You need the TV to be at a high level for you to hear it, but your spouse is uncomfortable when it’s that loud. Or, your spouse turns it down to a comfortable level for him or her, and then you’re straining to catch any of the dialogue and quickly losing interest.

With this little box, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to the TV or other media devices. All the sound from your TV will stream directly to your hearing aids – no additional device required. You’ll be able to hear and understand what’s going on on TV with the sound quality your hearing aids provide. And your loved ones will thank you for it because you won’t have to turn the TV up so loud!  Pick up your TV Connector at our Online Store today and start enjoying life in a whole new way.

TV Connector Compatibility

This device is compatible with Unitron hearing aids on the Discover and Discover Next platforms. It’s also compatible with Phonak hearing aids on the Marvel and Paradise platforms. Please refer to your hearing professional or manual to inquire if this product is compatible with your technology level.

The TV Connector is easy to set up and will make watching TV so much easier. You can view the Unitron TV Connector User Guide here.

Of course, if you have any problems, we’re always here to help. Contact the Hearing Group near you with any questions or if you’re ready to have your hearing tested for FREE!