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Don’t Avoid Hearling Loss, Schedule a Hearing Test!

Why People Avoid Treating Hearing Loss and Why You Should Schedule a Hearing Test!

Do you think you have hearing loss? Is a loved one telling you that you don’t seem to hear as well as you used to? If so, you probably already KNOW you have hearing issues. Contact a Hearing Group office and have a FREE hearing test. No one likes bad news but think of it as simply news. There’s a staff of caring professionals ready to make your bad news into a better lifestyle.

You aren’t alone

In the United States, hearing loss is the third most prevalent medical condition behind arthritis and heart disease. But many adults wait years to get their hearing conditions treated. One in three people over the age of 65 have hearing loss. At 65 and older it goes to two out of three. The hearing loss leaves you struggling to keep up with conversations, trying to hear the TV or radio, and even have trouble hearing the announcers at the ballpark.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation because you don’t want people to know you are struggling. In turn, that can lead to depression. Hearing problems can get worse if you ignore them. You may actually be doing something that is harming your hearing and you don’t know it because you won’t get it tested.

Hearing loss myths

People avoid getting a hearing test for a lot of reasons. Some think there is nothing you can do and it’s a natural part of aging so they should just accept it. So are eyesight issues, yet look at all those people running around with glasses or contact lenses. Or how about all those seniors you know who get cataract surgery and then don’t need eyewear at all?

Then there’s the idea that nothing will be able to help your hearing loss. In the past, doctors may have had issues treating hearing loss in one ear due to nerve damage or hearing issues related to high pitched sound. Not anymore! Just as technology has adjusted to eye problems, it has also adjusted in a huge way, to hearing issues. With today’s technology, there is help for just about every hearing issue and with a discreet and stylish hearing device.

Hearing devices will make me look old

That’s not true at all! More and more people are seeking treatment for their hearing loss immediately. And that includes young people and teens. What is going to make you look old and perhaps even senile is trying to follow a conversation and answering inappropriately, laughing or not laughing when a joke is being told or just plain not getting what is going on during a conversation.

Hearing aids can fit right inside your ear canal. No one can see them or know they are there but you. There are tiny multidirectional receivers if you don’t want an in-canal hearing aid. These fit over or around your ear and look remarkably like phone Bluetooth devices. They are so small no one can see them anyway.

Hearing aids are no longer large pieces of molded plastic in drab colors draped conspicuously over your ear. They were so heavy your grandparents or great grandparents kept touching them, drawing your attention to them. They didn’t work all the time, there was humming, and whining and feedback issues and the batteries were difficult to replace and always failing.

Get a test – modern technology is awesome!

Hearing aids are digital. They recharge on a small charger if you don’t want batteries. If your hearing is worse in one ear than the other, your hearing aids process back and forth to give you equal sound. They are lightweight and the casing consists of special materials to stop moisture problems. They even have helpful tinnitus therapy functions. Some can be adjusted remotely. Call and get a free hearing test.