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Moxi Blu Hearing Aid

Keep up with the latest in Moxi Blu hearing aids from Unitron.

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Moxi Blu Styles

Moxi Blu comes in three different styles, all designed to fit your lifestyle. From right to left we have our Moxi Blu RT that is equipped as a Rechargeable hearing aid and also has a built-in T-coil to help you connect to your favorite places that stream movies or concerts via a loop system. Next, we have a 312 traditional battery option for those that are not ready to move into the lithium recharge age. Last we have our smallest rechargeable hearing aid that is still packed with all the latest features available. Just like that, out of the Blu, comes a hearing aid that you are sure to fall in love with.

The Best Sound Performance

Moxi Blu Family of hearing aids

Introducing Double Tap

What is Double Tap? It will quickly be your new best friend when it comes to taking or making a call from your mobile phone as well as streaming your favorite ebooks or music.

As an example, with just 2 taps of your ear, you can automatically answer your phone. No more fumbling to find that tiny little button on the back of your hearing aid. Now all you do is double-tap your ear. It’s that simple and you’re are going to love it. This is especially convenient while driving. work or just out and about where you would like hands-free connectivity to your calls or music.

Make sure you ask for a demo of this feature.

Double Tap Ear Illustration

Moxi Blu Colors

Moxi Blu Hearing Aid Colors

Unitron Remote Plus App

The new Unitron App allows you to adjust your hearing aids for comfort or clarity so you can get the most you can out of the listening situation you’re in.

Gives you control of:

– Volume. Both over one or both hearing aids

– 3 Band Equalizer to adjust the Lows, Mids, and High frequencies

– Comfort and Clarity

– Remote adjustments from the privacy of your home

Unitron Remote App

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