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Watching TV With Hearing Aids

How To Watch TV With Hearing Aids

One of the first signs of hearing loss is often having difficulty hearing the TV. We always ask our patients when they first come in for a hearing test: “have you noticed that you’ve been turning the TV up louder and louder?” Because that’s usually a good indicator of some kind of hearing loss. Unfortunately, hearing loss makes it incredibly difficult to watch and understand TV – especially with friends and family.

Hearing aids will help you hear everything better, including the TV, but a TV connection device will take your listening to the next level. Most hearing aid manufacturers make a device that will connect your TV to your hearing aids, allowing you to stream sound directly into your hearing aids. In this post, we want to show you a few of our favorites and share a few tips.

unitron tv connector

Unitron TV Connector


The Unitron TV Connector connects wirelessly to your hearing aids. It frees you from extra streaming devices required for some older accessories, and streams the sound from your favorite TV shows and movies directly into your hearing aids. 

Enjoy the high quality sound of your hearing devices while watching TV. Your family will thank you too because you won’t have to turn the volume up too loudly for comfort.

Sonic TV Adaptor


The Sonic TV-A Adaptor allows you and your family to comfortably watch TV together again. It connects wirelessly to your Sonic hearing aids on Radiant, Captivate and Enchant platforms.

For older Sonic hearing aids on Cheer and Celebrate platforms, you’ll need the Sonic TV Adaptor 2 (also available at the Hearing Group Online Store.)

Take back your TV watching experience!

sonic tv adaptor
unitron utv

Unitron uTV 3


For older Unitron hearing aids on the North or Tempus platforms, the Unitron uTV 3 is the device for you.

This device connects your hearing aids wirelessly to your TV or other audio devices through a streamer. The system requires three elements: your hearing aids, a streamer (extra device), and the uTV 3.

The uTV 3 also serves as a charging cradle for your streaming devices when not in use. Examples of compatible streaming devices are below.

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

My Hearing Aid(s) Is Not Working The most common reason a hearing aid is not working is that the aid is clogged with wax or debris.   Start with checking and cleaning the dome, making sure it is clear of dry wax or debris.  Take your clean wipe or brush and wipe away...

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