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Hearing Aid Accessories: Top 4 to Buy This Month

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Given that approximately 15% of all Americans over the age of 18 have reported some trouble hearing, it is no surprise that hearing aids are becoming more and more widespread. Whether you are a new hearing aid user or have been using them for a while, there are plenty of recent technological advancements and hearing aid accessories that can revolutionize how you use your hearing aid. Here at Hearing Group, we’ve compiled a list of the top four hearing aid accessories essential for any hearing aid user.


uDirect1. Hearing Aid Streamer

Modern technology is all about integration and the ease with which we can move from one entertainment device to another, and that is exactly what you get from a hearing aid streamer. At the Hearing Group store, you can get your hands on top hearing aid streamers like the Unitron uDirect 3 Bluetooth hearing aid streamer and the Sonic Soundgate 3.

These hearing aid accessories work by connecting wirelessly to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers, and MP3 players. This small hearing aid streamer can transform how you enjoy entertainment.




Signia StreamLine TV

2. TV Adaptor

Keeping on the topic of entertainment, we want to make movie night as comfortable as possible, and that is why our next hearing aid accessory is the wireless TV adaptor. You can get your favorite shows and iconic characters delivered straight into your hearing aids, meaning everyone can listen at the volume they want.

Enjoy a television experience like never before and check out our TV adapters, including the Signia StreamLine TV and the Sonic TV Adaptor 2.



ProWax miniFit Wax Filters3. Wax Filters

When it comes to the most important hearing aid accessories, it is not always about entertainment or state-of-the-art tech. Wax filters are an essential investment for any hearing aid user. These filters prolong the life of your hearing aids by preventing earwax and moisture from obstructing them.

Make sure you find the right wax filters for your hearing aids. Check out the ProWax miniFit hearing aid wax filters and the CeruShield disk wax filters at the Hearing Group shop, or contact your local hearing aid specialist to find out more.




Moisture Guard Dehumidifier Box


4. Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Hearing aids aren’t cheap so looking after them should be a top priority. Moisture and water are hugely damaging to the delicate inner workings of hearing aids, therefore, we recommend that you invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers like the Moisture Guard Hearing Aid Dryer work by removing moisture in your hearing aids and drying any earwax trapped in the equipment overnight.

Enjoy the best hearing aid experience possible by investing in some of the best hearing aid accessories around. Our top hearing aid accessories not only help you look after your precious hearing equipment but also transform your entertainment experience.






If you are looking for hearing aid experts or simply want to check out the best range of hearing aid accessories online then visit Hearing Group’s online shop or come and check out your local hearing aid store.

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